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X-RES - 1

AN EXTREME RESOLUTION SPECTROMETER THAT IS CAPABLE OF RESOLVING EXTREMELY CLOSE SPECTRAL FEATURES Perfect for High-Resolution Applications User-Interchangeable Slits and Filters Optical Resolution as Precise as 0.05 nm (FWHM) Improved Optical Design – With Focal Distance of 100 mm Software LightScan Included PERFECT FOR HIGH-RESOLUTION APPLICATIONS X-RES optical design with a focal distance of 100 mm with the best available optics to provide great capability of resolving spectral features as precise as 0.05 nm. The eight complementary pre-configured wavelength ranges grant extreme resolution across the full UV/Vis/NIR range.

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X-RES - 2

CONTROL THE SENSITIVITY AND RESOLUTION OF YOUR SPECTROMETER With X-RES spectrometer, you can take advantage of interchangeable slits offer an easy and simple way of setting the optimal resolution/sensitivity while interchangeable filters provide the user with the ability to narrow the operational wavelength range of the spectrometer. EASY TO INTEGRATE IN YOUR SETUP As a fiber optic spectrometer, X-RES is ready to couple to a wide range of setups without the need for complex optical alignments. This flexibility is complemented with a number of integration tools that include triggers (trigger...

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X-RES - 3

Technical Specifications Parameter Operational Range 185-1100 nm (divided in 8 operational ranges) According to the selected range Slit width Optical Resolution Fiber Connector Mini-UBS (works also as power supply) Integration Time Ordering Information Part Number Base Version Improved Sensit. Wavelength Range

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