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UniLight - 1

UNIFORM IRRADIATION NEVER LOOKED SO SIMPLE! Uniform Irradiation Area High Power Illumintaion to Your Sample Irradiation Power and Duration Control Local/Remote Intensity Controller User-Interchangeable LED System LightSource Controller Software GET UNIFORM IRRADIATION ON YOUR SAMPLE The way how the LED system is distributed on the irradiation board of the UniLight provides a uniform irradiation, higher than 95%, for an area of 12 x 8 cm. This feature allows your sample to get the same amount of light over the entire area or multiple samples get the same power simultaneously.

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UniLight - 2

A FLEXIBLE WAVELENGHT SELECTION The UniLight provides a great flexibility regarding the wavelength range for irradiation and userinterchangeable LED board system. Sarspec offers more than 40 LEDs with different wavelengths, covering from 265 to 1550 nm, that can be installed in the LED board system. CONTROL THE POWER AND DURATION OF THE IRRADIATION The Controller Box provides manual control of the LED system irradiation power. By connecting the Controller Box to a PC through a USB cable, UniLight can be remotely controlled with the LightSource Controller software for the power, duration,...

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