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ProNIR - 1

ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY FOR NEAR INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY! Detection Range from 850 to 2500 nm Thermoelectric cooled InGaAs CCD detector for low noise signal and great spectral stability Interchangeble slits and filters for user controlled sensitivity, optical resolution and detection range Easy to integrate: fiber optic coupling and trigger functions Advanced electronics with 18 bits ADC and optional battery pack for field operation Software LightScan 2.0 included A WIDE RANGE FOR MORE INFORMATION The ProNIR series can be easily combined with any of our UV-Vis-NIR Series (FLEX, FLEX+, SENSE, or X-RES) to obtain a wide range absorption, transmission, simultaneous acquisition method is a major feature included in the new LightScan 2.0 software that allows users to acquire a full spectrum from 185 to 2500 nm in a single determination, and within a few miliseconds.

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ProNIR - 2

HOW FLEXIBLE DO YOU NEED YOUR SPECTROMETER TO BE? The fiber optic coupling on the ProNIR series allows the connection to different spectroscopic setups without the need for complex optical alignments. Features, such as user interchangeable slits and filters allow for the best optical operation and performance in each application. The flexibility of this series is perfected with a number of integration tools that include triggers (trigger in/out and delays) and LabVIEW™ or DLL software packages, for software development. COLD DETECTOR, HOT PERFORMANCE! The ProNIR series detector is equipped...

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