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LS-XeF - 1

XENON FLASHLAMP LIGHT SOURCE UV-Visible-NIR Spectral Range High Radiant Intensity Remote control with SPEC Hub Optical Fiber Connector Small, powerfull and reliable High Flash Rate EASY INTEGRATION IN YOUR SETUP HIGH FLASH RATE The new SPEC Hub provides the ideal solution to LS-XeF stands a maximum pulse rate of 278 Hz synchronize the operation of LS-XeF with the data with high intensity and pulse-to-pulse stability collected by Sarspec’s spectrometers. Alternatively, that provides an excellent performance for long- LS-XeF can be triggered with any external TTL duration measurements. positive pulse generator. HIGH POWER FOR UV EXCITATION The flexibility of this light source makes it a great solution measurements due the hability to deliver high energy pulses in the UV range.

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LS-XeF - 2

Fluorescence with cuvettes Setup Example Optical Fibers Multipurpose Cuvette Holder Specifications Table Parameter Wavelength Range Xenon Flashlamp lifetime Maximum repetition rate Local Operation Power and intensity controller Trigger input SPEC Hub or an external TTL positive pulse Flash output Pulse duration Optical fiber connector Power consumption (maximum) Power requirements Order Information Description XeF light source (190-2000+ nm) Replacement Xenon Flashlamp (190-2000 nm) SPEC Hub for optional remote control (cable included) Part Number LS-XeF B-XeF HUB-LS

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