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LS-W - 1

L S -W TUNGSTEN-HALOGEN LIGHT SOURCE Visible-NIR Spectral Range Adjustable Power Output Optical Fiber Connector Built-in Filter Slot Remote Control with SPEC Hub ADJUST THE LIGHT INTENSITY With W light source you have the possibility of LS-W has an adjustable power output knob to choosing from four different tungsten-halogen locally control the amount of light that reaches your lamps (7, 14, 20, and 25 watts) that range from 300- 3000 nm for the 20 watts lamp and 380-3000 nm for the 7, 14, and 25 watts lamps. The included slide filter holder allows great flexibility, including narrowing the spectral range (by using band-pass, short-pass or long-pass filters) SHUTTER FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE The built-in shutter controller included on the W light source provides a simple operation for dark measurements without the need for shutting off the lamps, resulting in a more stable and extended lifetime.

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LS-W - 2

Reflectance (Vis Range) Setup Example 1 Reflectance Probe Probe Holder FLEX Spectrometer Specifications Table LS-W7 Wavelength range Tungsten-Halogen lamp power Tungsten-Halogen lamp lifetime Optical Filter Slot Filter Slot and Slide Filter Holder included (holds 1 filter with 12.7 mm diameter and 3 mm maximum thickness) Local operation Shutter controller, intensity control knob, Remote / Local selector Optical fiber connector SMA 905 with adjustable focus Time for a stable output Remote operation Shutter, Lamp enabling (TTL compatible signals) and Intensity control (analog and PWM) - best...

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