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LS-LED - 1

LS-LED LED LIGHT SOURCE UV-Visible-NIR Spectral Range Interchangeable High Power LEDs Adjustable Power Output Optical Fiber Connector Innovative Slide Concept Remote Control with SPEC Hub Narrow Emission Wavelength Band HIGH POWER EXCITATION EASY INTEGRATION AND OPERATION LED is the perfect light source to use in fluorescence The advanced electronics allows the LS-LED to be measurements. In order to maximize the sensitivity, operated in continuous, pulsed and modulated Sarspec supplies high-efficiency LEDs from 255 to modes. Trigger functions makes this solution for 1550 nm with full control of the light intensity. integration in your experiment. Complete it with our SPEC Hub and control all via software. JUST SLIDE... AND WORK WITH THE WAVELENGTH YOU NEED! A innovative and creative solution for an easy and fast change between different LEDs. You only need to choose the ideal wavelength and insert the LED slide into the slot holder on the side of LSLED. Simple as that!

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LS-LED - 2

Fluorescence with Cuvettes Setup Example Optical Fibers Multipurpose Cuvette Holder SENSE Spectrometer Specifications Table Parameter Wavelength Range Optical power Operation modes Continuous (CW), Int. Pulsed, Ext. Pulsed and Ext. Modulated Intensity control Adjustable local knob or remotely Optical fiber connector Power Requirements Order Information Description LED light source (Requires one slide LED-X) LED-X, where X is the LED wavelength SPEC Hub for optional remote control (cable included) Part Number LS-LED LED-X HUB-LS

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