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FAbS Spectrometer - 1

A FABULOUS WAY OF PERFORMING UV-VIS SPECTROSCOPY! Compact: similar footprint to an A4 sheet Fast: full spectra acquisition from milliseconds to a few seconds Flexible: accessorize with Reflectance and Transmittance Probes, Flow Cells, and more Great Performance for optical resolution, accuracy and linearity, and low stray light Compliant with EU and US Pharmacopoeias Requirements THE BEST PARTNER FOR YOUR FABS The new LightScan 2.0 software simply unleashes all the capabilities of your FAbS. Typical UV-Vis measurements can be started as simple and direct acquisition modules (absorbance, transmittance, reflectance, and kinetics), easily acquired in a twostep operation. The color acquisition module is also available to determine the CIELAB coordinate system of your samples.

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FAbS Spectrometer - 2

ALL THE FLEXIBILITY FOR YOUR MEASUREMENTS Flexibility is a keyword for all of our instruments and FAbS is no exception. Use the sample container on your FAbS to connect a wide range of accessories. Connect a reflectance probe and measure the reflectance and color of solid samples. Connect a transmittance probe or a flow cell to measure the absorbance or/ and transmittance of liquids directly in the sample container. COMPLIANT WITH EUROPEAN AND UNITED STATES PHARMACOPEIAS The assembling precision and design of optical components leads to elevated optical performance and sensitivity that are...

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FAbS Spectrometer - 3

Technical Specifications Parameter Wavelength Range Resolution (toluene in n-hexane) Wavelength Accuracy (holmium oxide filter) Wavelength Repeatib. (holmium oxide filter) Photometric Accuracy (potassium dichromate) Photometric Accuracy (nicotinic acid) Photometric Repeatib. (potassium dichromate) Photometric Repeatib. (nicotinic acid) Stray Light at 198 nm (with KCl) Stray Light at 340 nm (with Kl) Stray Light at 340 nm (with NaNO2) Minimal Scan Acq. Time (full range FAbS mode) Stand. Scan Acq. Time (full range FAbS mode) High Perf. Scan Acq. Time (full range FAbS mode) Minimal Scan Acq....

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