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EGRETIER ______________________________________________________________________ 3 INNOVATION 2018_______________________________________________________________ 4 SEPARATOR CRUMBLER________________________________________________________________ 4 EGRETIER’s continual innovation delivers improved productivity to the food industry. _____________________ 4 Operating mode ____________________________________________________________________________ 4 Issues ____________________________________________________________________________________ 5 STORAGE...

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EGRETIER Since 1955 the EGRETIER company has been at the forefront of equipment manufacturing for the food industry. We have continually developed and improved our equipment over those 60+ years, particularly focusing on mixing, crumbling and the transferring of both delicate and difficult-to-handle products. We specialize in the detailed design and manufacture of equipment and processes to our customer’s needs and can offer high end and integrated automation solutions. Figure 1 Turnkey factory (Parme, Italie)

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INNOVATION 2018 SEPARATOR CRUMBLER Figure 2 – EGRETIER separator crumbler EGRETIER’s continual innovation delivers improved productivity to the food industry. The EGRETIER SEPARATOR CRUMBLER has evolved from years of R and D in the Wine Industry section of EGRETIER, with the design intent of gently separating grapes from the stems. These grapes would then be gently transferred to the maceration tanks from 10 > 25 T/hr. Adapting this equipment for use within the Food Industry was relatively simple, and these machines are being used within IQF facilities for separating frozen vegetable...

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Cylindrical grid with fingers Hedgehog Archimedes' screw Central Rotor Cylindrical grid Figure 3 : Operation of the hedgehog and the cylindrical grid with fingers Issues IQF ingredients IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) process allows each food piece to be deep frozen individually just after cutting/slicing . In this way the quality of the product can be guaranteed due to taste preservation, maintaining the nutritional value and the texture of the food. After the IQF process various IQF foods can be mixed/blended , for example, mixed vegetables. The ice crystals that form in the tissue cells...

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STORAGE EGRETIER offers complete storage solutions with a wide size range of storage tanks and hoppers. These are generally equipped with screw augers for wet, fibrous and pasty products such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, but also abattoir by-products. The stainless-steel tanks and hoppers can be equipped with jacketing for heating and cooling, insulation, washing heads, plus LIW or GIW weighing systems. The filling is carried out by means of a low speed volumetric pump which can be connected to the auger screw outlet for product transfer up to 60 mᶟ/h (3. VOLUMETRIC BILOBE PUMP)...

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HOPPERS Equipment in accordance with the Directive Machine 2006/42/EC. Figure 5 - Transfer hoppers Useful capacity: from 120 to 1500 liters as standard. On adjustable feet, or fixed / swivel wheels. 4-sided safety extension, openable with protection sensor. 80mm insulation with stainless steel outer coating. Double jacket with heat transfer fluid passage for cold water, hot water or steam. Cleaning head, weighing sensors. Thermometer, Lighting, Drain and Cleaning (CIP) Manual hood, or pneumat

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TRANSFER Vanne conique Detecteurs d’obus Pompe volumetrique mono-rotor bilobe gavee par vis d’archimede Figure 6 - EGRETIER Complete Transfer Line 8

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It is particularly suitable for powdery and thick slurry type products. The change in valve position is achieved with a simple compact air actuator. Made of 316L stainless steel with a DURINOX treated conical plug, it is designed to accept the passage of a shell (pig) and is designed to accommodate a cleaning in place (CIP) system The sizes range from 2" up to 8" in pipe sizing and can be supplied in different material types depending on the customers requirements. Discuss with EGRETIER regarding your specific product and needs.

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PIG STATION / CLEANING IN PLACE (CIP) Our food transfer lines can be equipped with pigging (scraping) and cleaning-in-place (CIP) cleaning systems.. Pigging (scraping) principle: The entire pigging technology is controlled by a PLC that takes into account the detection and speed of the pig. The electro pneumatic valves are housed in a stainless-steel box. The method of pushing the pig through the transfer line can be achieved by compressed air or water under pressure. The DIVERTER VALVE (1.2 DIVERTER VALVE) is used because it is designed to receive a secure can have a PIG STATION attached...

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BILOBE VOLUMETRIC PUMP This EGRETIER patented pump has been specially designed to handle a large range of different products from grapes to chicken frames/carcasses. The design allows for speedy access for full cleaning and inspection and uses USFDA materials in its construction. Essentially it is fully stainless steel to meet the demands of food manufacturing customers. The pump is coupled to a screw auger (usually from a hopper above) that delivers the product into the pumping chambers as well as driving the pump. The housing is designed such that it accommodates the difference between...

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Technical data: • Removable flap • External flange with quick disassembly • Rolling bearing • Treated (or not) stainless steel rotor • Forced feeding by auger screw Features: • Volumetric at slow speed from 5 to 50 rpm, with internal pump housing capacity from 0.6 to 20 Liters • Materials 304L or 316L • Operating pressure 4/15 bar • Output diameter from 63 to 200 mm • Built-in ‘booster screw’ from 0110 to 350mm Discuss with the EGRETIER engineers your specific product and the transfer issues you are currently experiencing and see what they can do for you.

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STANDARD model: Complies with C.E. specifications Technical characteristics: • Stainless steel frame and base • Width 600 • Feet height 950 • Length 4 meters • Geared motor unit with mechanical or electronic speed control • Adjustable equalizer bar on the input side of products • food grade belt • Mobile design with 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels • Perforated work mat on request

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