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Volumetric and Gravimetric Filler


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Volumetric and Gravimetric Filler - 1

Packaging Technology DIRECT DRIVE TO AUGER WITH INTEGRAL ENCODER OPTIONAL LARGE CAPACITY 56 LITRE SPLIT HOPPER ELECTRICALLY INTERLOCKED INSPECTION COVER SIEMENS PLC CONTROL VIA TOUCH-SCREEN HMI SAPLI VOLUMETRIC POWDER FILLER NO-TOOLS QUICK, RELEASE AUGER AND FUNNEL NO-TOOLS SELFALIGNING HOPPER RELEASE HANDWHEEL Volumetric filling of powders consist in filling process determined by the number of auger revolutions controlled by a PLC via integral shaft encoder or pulse count. Sapli offers a wide range of solutions, from a versatile low-cost semiautomatic solution to the fully-automatic high speed equipment. The filler can be perfectly integrated in already existing line, as an integral part of bagging, sachet of cartonning equipment. As well the connection with a downstream checkweigher allows the optimisation of production process, minimising product giveaway. PHI 5APLI TECHNICAL FEATURES • Free-standing • Semi-automatic • All stainless-steel food-grade contact parts • Auger machined from solid • No-tools format change • Servo-driven auger • PLC control via touch-screen panel • Independent agitator drive OPTIONS SAPLI SOLUTIONS S.L. C/Barcelona 17, CP 17181 Aiguaviva (Girona) +34 972 245 503 • •• • Bottom-up lift system • Bulk Feed Accessories • Hopper product level detection • Fill Weight Feedback from External Checkweigher Technical data offered in the current document is not binding. Sapli reserves the faculty to change or improve the produc

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Volumetric and Gravimetric Filler - 2

SAPLI GRAVIMETRIC POWDER FILLER Sapli’s gravimetric fillers incorporate a weigh-cell or balance to provide the signal for the filling to stop, eliminating inaccuracies caused by products of inconsistent density. Two-speed filling with high speed bulk and slow speed top-up or multi-stage filling provide even greater accuracy. Automatic lines can incorporate weigh-stations before, between and after the filling head(s), so that weighing takes place simultaneously with filling, maximising production results. TECHNICAL FEATURES • Free-standing • Semi-automatic • Weigh-cells/balances as...

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