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Vacuum Gassing and Seaming Single station


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SAPLI* Packaging Technology SAPLI VGS-1 VACUUM GASSING AND SEAMING SINGLE STATION Sapli’s Vacuum Gassing and Seaming station can be configured with or without vacuum-gassing option (adding of inert gas in vacuum chamber). The Customer chooses: • atmospheric • vacuum • vacuum and gassing seaming operations machine. The vacuum-gassing option is needed depending on the product requirements. The single station machine is applied in low speeds production and semiautomatic lines. Sapli offers the unique on the market highly-efficient cans feeding system, developed specially for maximum reduction of vacuum gassing and sealing cycle and achieving of the optimal level of Oxygen. Machine Performance Method: 1. Cans are fed into the Sapli machine via a transportation belt. The vacuum grip driven by servo motor system places the can in the exact position in the seaming chamber. 2. For vacuum seaming a silicone seal is inflated around the can body and the vacuum port is opened until the vacuum pressure sensor signals the target vacuum pressure is achieved. If gassing is required, the chamber is then flooded with Nitrogen gas to the specified pressure. 3. The can and end are clamped onto the stationary seaming chuck, and the double seaming operation is initiated. 4. After seaming, the closed can is gently pushed onto exit transportation belt. Packaging Technology from Barcelona since 1978

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Technical Features: • The single head machine is high performance solution for low production speeds. • The modular principle allows adding new seaming stations in the future, in case of increasing of production capacities. • Suitable for the seaming and vacuum gassing products in tinplate, aluminium, paperboard and plastic cans packaging across a wide range of industrial sectors. • Perfect sealing technology with adjustable working speeds. • Easy and intuitive format change. • Adjustable levels of residual O2 level after seaming, depending on the product requirements for guaranteeing a...

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Technical data offered in the current document is not binding. Sapli reserves the faculty to change or improve the products. SAPLI SOLUTIONS S.L.I C/Barcelona 17, CP 1718ll Aiguaviva (Girona)l +34 972 245 503

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