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HIGHLY ACCURATE MULTI HEADS WEIGHT FILLERS Sapli’s Multi Head Weight Filler can be configured with Single or Multi stations. A multihead weight filler can be used for a variety of products and weights because of the many differences between the available versions. Two Head Weight Filler model can be used in small production lines It is mostly applied for filling consumer packagings such as up to3000 g tin cans, jars, bags boxes and flexible packaging. such as up to 3000 gr tin cans, jars, bags and boxes or flexible packaging Multihead weighers can be used for various applications in the food: rice and seeds; nuts and subtropical fruits; tea/coffee beans, grains; biscuits and pastry; cereals/muesli; candy; snacks, popcorn and croutons. Packaging Technology from Barcelona since 1978

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SAPLI Packaging Technology At the multihead the product is transported to the feed hoppers by a central vibrating top cone and vibrating feeders. The hoppers will discharge the product into the weigh hoppers, where the highly accurate load cells determine the weight. Each weigh hopper contains approximately a quarter of the set weight and the weigher itself will calculate the combination which is closest to the target weight. The selected hoppers are opened and flow together into the central discharge chute. Subsequently, the products are dumped into the packaging machine. The Sapli’s...

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