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MPC250 Rotative Press On Capper


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MPC250 Rotative Press On Capper - 1

• ROTATIVE SYSTEM MPC250 • PRODUCTION UP TO 1250 CAPS PER MINUTE • AUTOMATIC CAPPING WITH REJECTION FUNCTION • INDUSTRY 4.0 READY MULTI PRODUCT CAPPER RANGE OF CAPPED PACKAGES • Snap caps, flexible caps, lid caps, snap on caps, plastic pressure caps. • Spoon caps, scoop cap, overcaps, hinged ed caps, flip to caps, pressure covers. • Multiple diameters + multiple highs MULTIFORMAT CAPPING SYSTEM M

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MPC250 Rotative Press On Capper - 2

MULTI PRODUCT CAPPER MULTIFORMAT CAPPING SYSTEM ADDITIONAL OPTIONS • Production speed: up to 1250 caps per minute / 75.000 caps per hour. • Main markets: Food, beverage, chemical, pharma. • Range: plastic or metallic caps with different shapes/designs and diameters. • Available caps sizes: from 20 to 250 mm. in diameter or size and multiple caps high. • Package heights (cans, tins, bottles, …): from 40 to 400 mm. • Machine versions: standard painted steel, high care area aseptic type (food grade materials of parts in contact with product), ultraclean (100% stainless steel and food grade...

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