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275 mm sq. 37 kW ■ Applications Injection molding machines, spring forming machines and hydraulic pump systems Fast Acceleration Maximum instantaneous torque of 650 N m is an increase of approximately 11% and instantaneous angular acceleration of 10,660 rad/s2 is an increase of approximately 44% over our conventional product.* The motor s high torque enables high acceleration, contributing to reduced device takt time. For example, in an injection molding machine Injection time reduced Thin-wall molding Compact and Light Weight Total motor length of 553 mm has been decreased by approximately 13% and mass has been decreased by approximately 20% over our conventional product.* This contributes to space saving in devices. *Our conventional product: P6 Servo Motor Model Number: P60B2837KB Specifications Item Speed-Torque Characteristics Unit Rated Speed Maximum Speed Rated Torque Flange Size Mass Compatible servo amplifier: SANMOTION R amplifier capacity 900 A Rated Output Instantaneous Zone Continuous Zone

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Dimensions [Unit: mm (inch)] Failure to follow the precautions on the right may cause moderate injury and property damage, or in some circumstances,could lead to a serious accident. Always follow all listed precautions. • Read the accompanying Instruction Manual carefully prior to using the product. • If applying to medical devices and other equipment affecting people's lives, please contact us beforehand and take appropriate safety measures. • If applying to equipment that can have significant effects on society and the general public, please contact us beforehand. • Do not use this...

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