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2 Mounted in a 19-inch rack œIncludes metal brackets for 19 inch rack installation. œRack support rail is optional. Vertical Installation œIncludes vertical stand for upright support. The advancement of technology has increased the demand for quality power. In a perfect world, commercial power would always be stable and normal, however, we live in a world in which electricity from local utilities typically experiences anomalies such as spikes, surges, electrical noise, load fluctuations, and outages. To protect your investments in technology equipment from these problems, informed users...

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3 The Hybrid type SANUPS E11A automatically selects the most efficient mode of operation for any given power condition. Operating mode can be manually chosen and locked by the end user. When power conditions are good. Three different modes of operation: ACTIVE FILTER mode DOUBLE CONVERSION mode ECONOMY mode SANUPS E11A SANYO DENKI combines both line interactive and double conversion UPS technologies in the SANUPS E11A Hybrid UPS, delivering 3 modes of operation for high efficiency and reliability. Conversion efficiency of the SANUPS E11A is increased by 4%* compared to comparable online...

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A LAN Interface Card (100Base-TX) can be inserted in the optional card slot on the rear panel of the SANUPS E11A. This allows for continuous monitoring and reporting of power conditions, and quick response during power failures. Power problems can also be reported to the System Manager via e-mail when this Card is installed. LAN Interface Card Model : PRE11A01-US The SANUPS SOFTWARE UPS Power Management Software increases the reliability and manageability of the entire system, including the network and the server. It provides UPS information to the System Manager, and flexible settings for...

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Alarm LED Battery Power Low LED Input LED Output LED Supply Mode LED Clear Switch Battery Test Switch Load Level Display Inverter Switch Front PC Interface (RS-232C) Option Card Interface Remote Interface Output Plug / Connection Input Cable (1.8m / 5.91feet) Input Plug / Connection Back EPO, Systematic Control Contact Point The photograph shows the 100 V model 1kVA E11A102A011. Power Switch (ON/OFF) External Battery Connection Port Option Card Slot Output UL/CE Model PC Remote EPO Systematic LAN Interface card Contact INPUT OUTPUT (kVA) iRS-232Cj Control (Option) signal interface...

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Specifications *A momentary power interruption lasting less than 3 ms occurs when switching from Economy Mode or Active Filter Mode to battery power. The unit can also be fixed to the Double Conversion Mode for applications that require zero transfer time from utility power to battery power. Please contact your local sales representative for additional input and ouput voltage options. ** When using only 3 kVA for the 100 V model as a UL certified product, the load must be reduced depending on the set voltage. When set to 120 V = 3 kVA (2.1 kW), when set to 115 V = 2.87 kVA (2.013 kW), when...

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The above run-time value assumes a load power factor = 0.7. Figures should be used for reference only. Actual backup times depend on charging conditions, ambient temperature, years in use, etc. Run-time chart Option ¡External battery Item E11A102A    E11A152A    E11A202A    E11A302A  1 E11A302A  2 Maximum Output (VA) 1000 1500 2000 3000 3000 Maximum Output (W) 700 1050 1400 2100 2100 VA W Run-time (Min) 100 70 87 134 150 230 240 200 140 48 71 87 120 150 300 210 30 48 61 75 87 400 280 20 34 48 55 71 500 350 15 24 37 49 69 600 420 12 20 30 39 48 700 490 9 17 25 32 40 800 560 7 14 20 26 34 900...

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œBefore starting installation, assembling and use, read the “Operation Manual” carefully and use the product correctly in your applications. œWhen you are going to use this product in the following application, the special considerations are required for operation, running, maintenance and control. Be sure to consult with our company as a part of your investigations. (a) Medical equipment and other equipment that are related directly to human life. (b) Train or elevator that can give injury to human body. (c) Socially and publicly important computer systems (d) And other equipment that are...

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