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100, 200 VAC Output capacity 30 W to 30 kW Input voltage Servo amplifier Amplifier capacity Servo motor Flange size Rated output

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Servo Motors Specifications - Servo Amplifiers + R5 Servo Motors (Medium Inertia) ... p.

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High Performance AC Servo Systems The SANMOTION R series servo systems contribute to the evolution of your devices with a rich product lineup of high-precision servo amplifiers and servo motors. These high-precision and highly reliable systems offer a wide range of products from small to large capacity servo systems. SANMOTION C EtherCAT interface type Input Device & Controller Touch panel     Controller Servo system SANMOTION R Servo Amplifier ADVANCED MODEL CANopen Built-in Positioning Function Multi-axis Pulse Input Servo motor (Rotary motor) Servo Motor Linear servo motor (Compatible...

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Servo amplifier SANMOTION R 3E Model Amplifier capacity 100, 150, 300, 600 A Line up of AC servo amplifier systems “SANMOTION R 3E Model” has been expanded by adding newly developed amplifiers with capacities of 100, 150, 300, and 600A. These amplifiers can drive servo motors with output of 1.8 to 30 kW. High-precision battery-less absolute encoder Model No. HA035 The encoder is maintenance free as it does not require batteries— the service life-limited component. It is designed for use with our SANMOTION R series servo motors. Application Examples Its high-precision and accurate...

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Lineup Servo Amplifier SANMOTION R 3E Model Analog/Pulse Input type More evolved AC servo amplifiers that provide improved basic performance including high responsiveness, and are more eco-efficient and easier to use. Lineup: 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 150, 300, 600 A Analog/Pulse  →p. 35 SANMOTION R ADVANCED MODEL EtherCAT Interface type The EtherCAT communication cycle is short (0.125 ms) and position commands are subdivided, making device operations smoother. It can be used together with our controller “SANMOTION C EtherCAT Interface type” . A new product with shorter communication cycle and...

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| Servo Amplifier Servo Motor (Rotary Motor) Rotary servo motors with a wide range of products. Motor type Flange size, features Medium inertia servo motors with a wide range of size variation ideal for positioning applications. Ideal for robots, injection molding machines, and general industrial machines. 180 mm sq., 220 mm sq. Low inertia servo motors that feature high-acceleration drive and high torque even at high rotational speed. Ideal for injection molding machines and general industrial machines. 60 mm sq., 80 mm sq. Medium inertia servo motors that are ideal for smooth operations...

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High Performance AC Servo Systems The 3rd generation of SANMOTION R servo amplifier series “3E Model” features evolved performance with high responsiveness and are more eco-efficient and easier to use. It contributes to improving the device performance. Shorter takt time achieved through high-speed positioning control The 3E Model has a speed frequency response of 2.2 kHz, approximately twice that of our conventional product.* Additionally, the position settling time has been shortened to 1/3 of the original time. Real-time switching between track control and positioning control contributes...

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Eco-efficient Reduced power consumption By incorporating new-generation power devices, the 3E Model decreases electric power losses by up to 10%.* The 3E Model has up to 10% lower standby power consumption as it limits unnecessary energy consumption by controlling the fan speed according to the internal temperature of the servo amplifier.* Power consumption visualization Controls the fan speed (10 A is fanless) The power consumption monitoring function enables power consumption to be visualized. The servo amplifier calculates power consumption based on the motor current, and displays it on...

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Features Model-based following control R 3E Model R ADVANCED Model-based following control enables an improved target value response, enhanced disturbance suppression, and greater robustness. The servo amplifier automatically optimizes servo gain and filter frequency in real time. Model control system Position command Position/speed control Position/speed control Velocity command value Motor/machine model Tuning start Detected velocity value Feedback control system Feed-forward vibration suppression control R 3E Model R ADVANCED With feed-forward vibration suppression control, vibrations at...

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Multiaxial monitor function Dual position feedback fully-closed loop control R 3E Model! R ADVANCED The setup software allows up to 15 axes—that is, 15 sets of a servo motor and a servo amplifier—to be monitored. Dual position feedback fully-closed loop control is possible by using information from two encoders: a linear encoder mounted on the device (load) and a high resolution motor-mounted encoder. Even when there is high motor shaft torsion from the load, servo gain can be improved and high response achieved. EtherCAT interface type Conformance tested EtherCAT is a 100 Mbps high-speed...

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Features Medium inertia servo motors selectable for different applications R 3E Model R ADVANCED Downsized servo motors Two types of medium inertia servo motors are available: R2 servo motors with a wide lineup for positioning applications, and R5 servo motors that are ideal for smooth operations such as for feed shafts of smallsized machine tools. R5 Servo Motor Feed axes in machine tools R2 series servo motors have been downsized by as much as 30% in length and 25% in volume from our conventional product, while still achieving high torque and high performance. (When using a battery-backup...

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High-precision battery-less optical absolute encoder The high-precision battery-less optical absolute encoder Model No. HA035 comes as standard. As an option, high-precesion model is also available with a maximum resolution of 8388608 (23 bits) during single rotation and an absolute angle accuracy of approximately 0.0167 deg. within a rotation (1 min.) can be selected. *Other than R 3E Model, some models are not compatible with optional specifications. In addition, selecting an encoder that is optimal to the device is also available as an option. Refer to the following table. Serial encoder

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