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Standard Model Number List P. 7 Model Number Nomenclature - P. 10 Standard Specifications • Servo Amplifier built-in

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Easy Set-up for Optimal Operation Small Compact Servomotors A new auto-tuning algorithm improves system response by providing functions such as inertia identification, 5 auto-tuning modes, 30 levels of response, and parameter setting auto-save. Motor size and volume is reduced by as much as 30% and 25% respectively compared to current models. The world's smallest high torque high performance servomotor. (as of Sept 2006) Velocity command value Tuning start Detected velocity value Multi-Axis Servo Amplifier 6-axis model can reduce installation width by up to 42% compared to six single-axis...

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Parameter setting, monitoring and alarm tracing can be easily done using the built-in operator. On-board JOG operation function is available for testing motor and amplifier connection without the need to connect to host device. Model Number Nomencalture 5-digit LED Display, Built-in Operator External Wiring Diagram Standard Specifications System Configuration Capable of JOG operation without connecting to host device *Multi-axis is done through a personal computer. The setup software allows you to set parameters, view graphical displays of monitored position, velocity or torque waveforms,...

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Improved Precision and Reduced Cycle Time High Response Shorter Position Settling Time A 4th-order notch filter reduces phase delay to suppress mechanical resonance and improve velocity response of equipment. A new algorithm drastically shortens positioning settling time for equipment. Position deviation Gain (dB) Settling time (0ms) Position complete signal Example of positioning settling time in highly rigid machinery Vibration Suppression Control Disturbance Suppression With feed-forward vibration suppression control, vibrations at the processing point and base of a machine can be...

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20% Reduction in Power Loss Using our proprietary technology, the motor's low cogging torque delivers smooth rotation that is ideal for high precision processes and vibration-sensitive conveyor applications. An energy conserving power module reduces main circuit power loss by up to 20%. Model Number Nomencalture Reduced Running Costs System Configuration Standard Specifications Power loss reduction (%) Comparison of cogging torque waveforms Current model Current model External Wiring Diagram High Resolution Setup Software Optional Equipment Support for encoders up to 17 bit (131,072...

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Servo Motor Standard Model Number List Power Voltage Encoder models Battery backup method absolute encoder incremental System For specifications on other model, please contact us.

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Servo Amplifier Standard Model Number List DC24V CANopen Interface AC200V System specifications Wire-saving incremental encoder, Battery backup method absolute encoder AC200V System Built-in positioning function model Wire-saving incremental encoder, AC200V System AC200V System Battery backup method absolute encoder Model Number Nomencalture Internal Registration Resistor System Configuration Selectable Output Encoder Type Standard Specifications Control Power External Wiring Diagram Main Power For specifications on other model, please contact us. Power Input Encoder Type Pulse train...

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Servo Motor Standard Model Number List

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Servo Motor System Configuration Specication 00 Standard 01 With oil seal Symbol Reducer type Reduction ratio A 1/3 Planetary gear B 1/5 Holding Brake Middle inertia Without Brake With Brake 90V DC With Brake 24V DC Supply Voltage 200V Motor 100V Motor Maximum Rotation Speed 6000min-1 CE and UL Without standard but with gear Setup Software Standard Identication Rated Output Please consult with us about the combination for the decelerator. Encoder Type A reduction in the rating might be needed if an oil seal and Brake is attached. Please consult with us about the details. Battery backup...

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Servo Amplifier Model Number Nomenclature Servo Amplifier with CANopen Example: The model number shown below is "R" Series Servo Amplifier with 200V AC input voltage and 15A amplifier capacity. R Series Single-Axis Servo Amplier Motor Type Rotary Motor Interface Type Power Input, Internal Registration Setting Model Control Power Power Input, Internal Registration AMP Capacity . Input Voltage Input Voltage Resistor Interface Specication CAN open I/F Encoder Specication Absolute encoder, Wire-saving incremental encoder NPN Output L PNP Output U *The motor parameters need to be set for the...

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Example: The model number shown below is a 4-axis "R" series multiaxis servo amplifier configuration with 200V AC input voltage, 4 units of 15A amplifiers, and pulse train interface. Model Number Nomencalture System Configuration Amplifier Unit Power Unit Motherboard Amplifier Unit R Series Multi-Axis Servo System Amplifier Unit Pulse train interface Motor Type Encoder Combination Description Rotary Motor Control Hardware Type Standard Specifications External Wiring Diagram Multi-Axis Servo Amplifier Absolute encoder *The motor parameters need to be set for the amplifier for use. Use the...

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System Configuration Single-Axis Servo Amplifier Noise Filter external noise from the power source line. Circuit Breaker(MCCBM) Cuts off power in the case Electromagnetic Contactor Switches servo power on and Create the protective circuit. Suppresses power harmonics. Remove the short bar between DL1-DL2 and connect this here, when needed for high frequency waves. External Regenerative Resistor when operating loads with large inertia. For special operations, such as high frequency applications that require greater power dissipation than that provided internal regenerative resistor. Brake...

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Noise Filter Lithium battery Circuit Breaker(MCCB) Multi-Axis Servo Amplifier Host Devices Attached to prevent external noise from the power source line. Cuts off power in the case of an overload, to protect the power line. Setup Software Parameter configuration and monitoring is possible via communication with a PC. System Configuration Model Number Nomencalture When using the unit with an absolute system, connect the battery to CN5. External Wiring Diagram Standard Specifications Electromagnetic Contactor Switches servo power on and off. Installation of a surge protector is required....

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