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Simple system Wire-saving by serial interface. Reduced wiring GA1060 LSI Specialized for servo communications : Features synchronous communications between a controller and several servo-ampliers using multi-drop serial interface based on the RS485. Controller with three control functions The SANMOTION C has the three functions of motion control, robot control, and sequence control and makes it easy to build a variety of application systems. Robot control Cartesian coordinate, SCARA, Vertical articulated, Parallel link Sequence control Motion control Digital input/output Motion function...

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Examples of system congurations Loaders, unloaders, Conveying equipment [linear/circular interpolation control] Interface module Run-time rmware Packaging equipment [electronic cam, electronic gear control] Interface module Run-time rmware Conveyer robots [PTP control] Interface module Run-time rmware

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Assembly robots [3-dimensional linear, 3-dimensional circular control] Interface module Run-time rmware IECEDIT / TEACH VIEW Development tool software ※ Option Software with a variety of functions for system development is available. Programming tool Analysis Diagnostic Tool SCOPE Monitoring real-time management

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Module structure Plug-in module Compact flash Run-time firmware Status display Communications cable between CPU and bus link module

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Specifications CPU module Model No. Battery backed up SRAM Specications of provided interfaces CAN D-Sub 9-pin female connector D-Sub 9-pin female connector Expansion unit maximum Input power supply Maximum input power Rush current Maximum output power K-BUS DC5V) Maximum output power K-BUS DC24V) 2-pin connector x 1 (Phoenix Contact) Expansion module Type Cable side connector Plug-in module D-Sub 9-pin female connector D-Sub 9-pin female connector 8-pin RJ45 connector 2-pin connector x 1 + 8-pin connector x 2 2 (Phoenix Contact) Digital inputs: 8ch, 24 VDC, sink input Digital outputs: 8ch,...

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Run-time firmware Model No. Sequence/motion/robot control Contact our customer support team for designing a custom product. Motion control function/specications Number of axes controlled Calculation period Control type Position control (PTP), speed control Acceleration/deceleration type Automatic trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration, S-shaped acceleration/deceleration Control unit Any desired (pulse, mm, inch, degree) Maximum reference value Programming language Function block home, move relative, absolute move, move velocity, CamIn, GearIn Robot control function/specications Number of...

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CP232-Z •Option Powersupply connector; Model No.: AL-00591171-01 Plug-in module Encoder module BL210-B •Option Powersupply connector; Model No.: AL-00591171-01 MM240-A •Option Powersupply connector; Model No.: AL-00591171-03

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Option I/O connector; Model No.: AL-00591171-02 100 2 Fieldbus module, interface module FM299-A SM210-A SM230-A

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Sanyo Denki's ECO PRODUCTS are designed with the concept of lessening impact on the environment in the process from product development to waste.The product units and packaging materials are designed for reduced environmental impact.We have established our own assessment criteria on the environmental impacts applicable to all processes,ranging from design to manufacture.Those products that satisfy the criteria are accredited as ECO PRODUCTS. Failure to follow the precautions on the right may cause moderate injury and property damage, or in some circumstances.could lead to a serious...

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