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San Ace Controller

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SANYO DENKI San Ace ■ Features Preventive maintenance of equipment (loT functionality) • Easy to connect to user's terminal devices. (Wireless LAN / wired LAN) • Enables users to monitor the status of fans and sensors from remote terminal devices. • Enables users to control the fan speed remotely via terminal devices. • Detects outlier sensor measurements and sends alerts. • Saves the fan's cumulative operating time and other fan measurement data to the cloud for later use. • Prevents heat problems with user equipment, contributing to reducing maintenance time and costs. Low noise and high energy efficiency (Automatic control) • Stores temperature, humidity, and air pressure measurements for automatic fan speed control based on the setting conditions. • Makes fan cooling and ventilation more efficient, reducing noise and improving efficiency. Optimized fan settings (Manual control) • Can connect and control a maximum of four fans, enabling different speed settings for individual fans. • Optimizes the airflow and static pressure of individual fans in multi-fan systems. (1) For use of this product alone, at 20°C ambient temperature (2) Use our dedicated sensors (options). (3) Available channels: Ch. 1 to 11

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Status LED Power button Reset button microSD card slot Sensor connectors A, B DC power connector External input/output (Cloud server) Terminal device Internet Wireless communication LAN Settings, control, monitoring Data, alarm

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■ Graphical User Interface (GUI) Screens Settings, control, monitoring, and data download can be done through web browsers. Sample screens Control settings Measurement data

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Sensors Sensor type (1) Non-condensing (2)Total acceleration from three axes Dimensions (unit: mm) Precautions on use •Before using the product, please read the included instructions manual carefully. Notice •The products shown in this catalog are subject to Japanese Export Control Law. Diversion contrary to the law of exporting country is prohibited. SANYO DENKI CO.,LTD. 3-33-1 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-8451, Japan TEL: +81 3 5927 1020 The names of companies and/or their products specified in this catalog are the trade names, and/or trademarks...

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