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Company Profile 2019

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We at SANYO DENKI Group Companies, aim to help all people achieve happiness, and work with people to make their dreams come true. For Environment... For society and the natural environment we will help preserve the global environment and contribute to the prosperity of mankind through our corporate activities. For Customers... For customers and users we will create new values through technology, products and services. For Suppliers... For suppliers and vendors we will strive for integrated technical development and harmonious mutual prosperity through parts purchase, production contracting...

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Three Core Technologies and Six Sectors Under the corporate philosophy to “Aim to help all people achieve happiness”, SANYO DENKI is committed to develop new technologies and products in six sectors on the basis of three technological concepts. Three Core Technologies Technology for protecting the global environment Technology for protecting people’s health and safety Technology for using new energy sources and saving energy

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Business sector that manufactures medical and nursing equipment for contributing to human health. COOLING SYSTEMS Information and communications Business sector that manufactures ICT equipment such as computers, communications equipment, and their peripheral devices. Business sector that manufactures industrial automation equipment such as machine tools and robots. POWER SYSTEMS Environmental protection Business sector that manufactures equipment for promoting the protection of the global environment. Home automation Business sector that manufactures equipment for improving lifestyle. SERVO...

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COOLING SYSTEMS San Ace Devices using electronic components do not operate properly without heat generation countermeasures. Our San Ace Cooling Systems products can ensure the stable operation of these devices. By developing products that feature industry-leading performance, quality, and reliability, we will contribute to improving the performance and reliability of our customers' equipment. Product Lineup H DC Cooling Fan All of our DC fans feature high reliability and high cooling performance. In addition to standard DC cooling fans, the product lineup includes fans with various...

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Product Application Examples Data Centers Digital Signage Splash Proof Centrifugal Fan Servers in data centers have a high component density and generate a large amount of heat, and thus require fans with high cooling and ventilation performance. The same is true for ICT equipment and routers. Therefore, for the cooling and ventilation of data centers, it is best to use Counter Rotating Fans and Blowers with high airflow and static pressure performance, Centrifugal Fans, and Long Life Fans with continuous operability of up to 20 years. As digital signage consumes much electricity and emits...

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POWER SYSTEMS SANUPS The electronic devices and communication networks indispensable for our daily lives cannot be maintained without a stable power supply. Our SANUPS Power Systems products, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and renewable energy inverters, supply high quality and stable power to customers' equipment in the event of unexpected power outages as well as in normal situations. They can be used for disaster management and business continuity planning purposes as well. Product Lineup H UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) This device continually supplies power so that...

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Product Application Examples Smart Grid Grid Management System Renewable Energy Inverter Smart grids are energy networks aimed at fully utilizing electricity by managing the power supply side and demand side resources through ICT. Supply side resources include utility-scale power generation and distributed resources such as photovoltaic, hydroelectric, and wind power generation systems; demand side resources include buildings, factories, and general households. Making full use of renewable energy for a smart grid will require not only raising the amount of power generation, but also storing...

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SERVO SYSTEMS SAN MOTION Servo systems are used to drive a wide variety of machines including machine tools, industrial robots, and medical equipment. Our SANMOTION Servo Systems products contribute to improving the productivity of customers' equipment with high-precision and high-speed driving, as well as fine customization. Product Lineup H AC Servo Systems These are high-accuracy, high-performance servo systems. These achieve high-speed and accurate positioning with vibration suppression function, thereby shortenning takt time. The lineup also includes spindle motors featuring large...

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Product Application Examples Articulated Robots Motion Controller Servo Amplifier Servo Motor Articulated robots used in factories require highly accurate driving. Our products suitable for these robots include our motion controllers capable of precise robot control and high-speed servo motors with accurate positioning. Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Closed Loop Stepping Driver Closed Loop Stepping Motor Stepping Drivers Servo Amplifier Servo Motor Closed Loop Stepping Driver Closed Loop Stepping Motor CT scanners used in the medical field are required to operate quietly and with...

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1950-1970 1980-1990 SANUPS Power Supply Units SERVO SYSTEMS SANMOTION Radio Power Generator 1927 Cooling Fan (First cooling fan made in Japan) San Ace 1965 I Long Life Fan CPU Cooling Fan 1991    SAN ACE MC Inverter for Photovoltaic Generation Systems SANSOLAR 1995 I Highly Reliable UPS SANUPS R 1999 Servo Motors Servo Amplifiers Stepping Motors Stepping Drivers Controllers AC Servo Motor DC Servo Motor (First servo motor made in Japan) 1952 DC Seivo    DC Servo Motor Motor    Super Driver High Resper 1974    DC Servo Motor u;ensor^' DC Servo Motor Super U 1980 Brushless AC Servo Motor BL...

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