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c . . . Stepping Motors, IP65 Splash and Dust Proof Stepping Motors, otepping IVIOIOrS Stepping Motors for Vacuum Environments, Synchronous Motors

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System Configuration Diagram----p. 12 Set Model Numbering Convention - p. 13 Stepping Motor: General Specifications • • p. 21 Driver Controls and Connectors----p. 23 System Configuration Diagram----p. 30 Set Model Numbering Convention - p. 31 Unipolar Models Specifications----p. 33 Stepping Motor: General Specifications • • p. 43 Driver Controls and Connectors----p. 46 Stepping Motors IP65 Splash and Dust Proof Stepping Motors- • p. 89 Stepping Motors for Vacuum Environments - • p. 95

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The SANMOTION F2 is a 2-phase stepping system thatthat provides precise positioning with easy control. SANMOTION F2 a 2-phase stepping system provides precise positioning with easy control. The typical step angle is 1.8 , and accurate control is provided by pulse signals. , The typical basicbasic step angle is 1.8°and accurate controlis provided by pulse signals. Host devices Motor Motor option Various types of gears Encoder Pulse signal ・ What is a stepping motor? ・ Bipolar and unipolar drive A stepping motor is a motor that rotates at a fixed angle for each pulse. The rotation speed is...

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Lineup Set Models ▶p. 9– AC input Bipolar The AC power supply input driver comes as a set model with the motor. A wide range of input voltages can be handled, from 100 to 240 VAC*. The motor winding is bipolar. *The 42 mm sq. (1.65 inch sq.) motor model only supports 100 to 120 VAC. Motor size: 42 mm sq. (1.65 inch sq.)/60 mm sq. (2.36 inch sq.)/86 mm sq. (3.39 inch sq.) Unipolar These set models consist of a DC-powered driver and motor. The input voltage range is from 24 to 36 VDC, and the motor winding is unipolar. Motor size: 28 mm sq. (1.10 inch sq.)/42 mm sq. (1.65 inch sq.)/56 mm sq....

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Lineup Details Number of divisions 1-256 (16 levels) 1,2,4,8,16 1,2,4,8,16 *The 42 mm sq. (1.65 inch sq.) motor model (AC input set model) only supports 100 to 120 VAC input. Driver, Motor,

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Stepping Motors ▶p. 49– Stepping Motors ▶p. 54– Basic step angle Holding torque N·m (oz·in) Motor size Model number Specifications/ Characteristics diagram Contact us for available encoders, gears and motors with brakes. IP65 Splash and Dust Proof Stepping Motors  Waterproof, dustproof  ▶p. 89– Page Basic step angle Motor size CE/UL Model CE/UL Model Holding torque N·m (oz·in) Safety standards Model number Specifications/ Dimensions Characteristics diagram Stepping Motors for Vacuum Environments  Customized Products  ▶p. 95 We can customize motors for use in low to ultra-high vacuum...

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T his dr i ver f e a t ur e s ap pr ox ima te l y 10 % le s s vibration compared with our conventional product (when used with an AC input driver). Also, a low-vibration mode func tion provides smooth driving, even with one-division (full-step) and t wo - division (half-step) coarse resolution settings. This allows vibrations to be suppressed without control system restrictions. Settings possible with setup software Se tup s of t war e c an b e us e d w ith a p er s onal computer to adjust control parameters, or to analyze alarms and operation status. Speed variation (%) Parameter setting...

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AC Input Set Models/ Drivers Unipolar Models Specifications 28 mm sq. (1.10 in sq.)/Basic step angle 1.8° Motor size Motor length Single Set model number shaft Configuration item: motor number Set model number Dual shaft Configuration item: motor number Holding torque N·m (oz·in) Rotor inertia × 10 -4kg·m2 (oz·in2) Rated current A/phase Motor mass *1 kg (lbs) Allowable thrust load N (lbf) Allowable radial load *2 N (lbf) *1 Driver mass▶p. 45 *2 The load point is at the tip of the output shaft. Full step Half step Source current Full step Half step Half step the stepping motor included in...

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AC Input Set Models Bipolar Set Model Configuration p. 14 Specifications/Characteristics Diagram pp. 16 to 19 Motor Dimensions p. 20 Motor Specifications p. 21 Driver Dimensions p. 22 Driver Specifications p. 22 Driver Model number: F2BAW200M100 Motor rated current: 2 A Model number: F2BAW400M100 Motor rated current: 4 A The operation manual can be downloaded from our website. Drivers are available for separate purchase. Connector Power supply and motor connector set Model number: FA-002 Cable Model number for I/O (for connecting host devices) (CN3): FC5S0010A Cable length 1 m (39.4 inch)...

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AC Input Set Models/ Drivers Set Model Numbering Convention Not every combination of the following codes or characters is available. Check the set model component details on the following page for the model number combinations, or contact us. DC Input Set Models/ Drivers Example: This is a set model number for the AC input driver (model number: F2BAW200M100) and motor (model number: SH2861-4041). The motor specifications are motor size: 86 mm sq. (3.39 inch sq.), motor length: 66 mm (2.6 inch), single shaft. Stepping Motors Stepping motor shaft specification S: Single shaft D: Dual shaft...

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This set includes the driver, motor, power supply and motor connector set, and an I/O cable. Bipolar Single shaft Dual shaft Set configuration items Motor size (Connectors and cables are listed below the table) (Connectors and cables are listed below the table) Basic Rated Page step current angle (A/phase) Specifi- Dimencations sions Motors with brakes, encoders, or with both brakes and encoders are available as options. Contact us for details. Encoders specs are 4000 P/R and 3 channels. 42 mm sq. (1.65 inch sq.) and 60 mm sq. (2.36 inch sq.) motors include lead wires. 86 mm sq. (3.39 inch...

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AC Input Set Models/ Drivers Options (sold separately) Power supply and motor connector set Model number: FA-002 PHOENIX CONTACT Name Connector Connector Manufacturer model number Quantity MSTBT 2,5/4-STF-5,08 1 MSTBT 2,5/8-STF-5,08 1 DC Input Set Models/ Drivers Encoder extension connector set Model number: FC5E0000A Manufacturer Tyco Electronics Japan G.K. Name Housing Terminal Housing Terminal Encoder extension cable Housing: 1-1903130-6 Terminal: 1903111-2 Manufacturer: Tyco Electronics Japan G.K. Lead wire: AWG28 Stepping Motors Motor side connector Cable length (L) 1 m (39.4 in) 2 m...

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