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Cam unit that can avoid interference with panel LONG BODY CAM Easier to work on hard-to-access areas ●Avoid interference with panels ●Shorter process time ●Sufficient width for scrap ●Better disassembility for cam slider External trimming provides sufficient space for scrap to fall off, which will result in more flexibility in layout. The cam drive located further outside the cam slider extends outside of processing areas away from the edge of a panel to be worked on easily. ●Basic Specifications Catalog No. Working force Angle [kN(tonf)] ( 5-degree increment ) 58.8 (6.0)

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SACLB80 - 2

Durability of coil spring: up to 300000. If you have any questions about this product, please contact our sales team. ※Subject to changes on specifications and appearance for quality improvements without p

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