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Outline of Die-Ace for Dies Die Ace is a material developed for draw dies for press stamping. It is a highly hardened special copper alloy casting. Die Ace can smoothly function without lubrication in harsh areas where scoring or seizure may occur. This die material (1) Since the material is a special copper alloy casting which can be built to precision, a desired shape can be designed and machining allowance is small. This can accordingly reduce the manufacturing hours. (2) Since Die Ace is excellent in wear resistance and lubrication, the die life can be extended and the draw process can be reduced. (3) Since Die Ace has good heat conductivity and sliding property. There is no scoring on panels or SO390 - The material is good for cutting and is excellent in wear resistance and self-lubrication. SO350 -The material is highly hardened and is suitable for forming stainless steel or high strength steel. SO330 - The material is good for welding. It is the most popular material. Die Ace is an aluminum bronze casting consisting of 5 elements; Cu, Al, Mn, Fe and Ni. The main structure consists of 3 elements; Cu, Al and Mn. With addition of Fe, a fine structure is achieved. With addition of Ni, corrosion resistance is improved. Unit: Speed (m/min), Feed (mm/rev), Cut (mm) (Note) Feed unit of milling (mm/cutter) V= j^QQ d: Cutter diameter (mm), n: Revolution ♦Conditions may vary depending on the machine Copyright © Sankyo Oilless Industry, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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■For your order (1) In principle, provide us the casting wood pattern of the die insert or the polystyrene foam pattern. (2) The finish allowance (one side) is as shown in the table below. Allow shrinkage ©Special electrode for SO330, 350, 390 is available. ©Please contact the nearest sales office if there is any question on welding. Copyright © Sankyo Oilless Industry, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Die Ace can not only be used for the die face as draw die materials but also be used as a part of local forming die or as sectional block in the flange or restrike die material. Rear floor Wheel...

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