Coil Support Bronze Support Bar Type, Light Load/Heavy Load Type


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Coil Support Coil Support SPRING TYPE CAM TYPE Coil support cam type means: SJPS (Light Load Type) SJPX (Heavy Load Type) Coil steel feeding direction Cam type coil support is used when seating space as in a spring type is not available. This corrects deflection of a blank sheet to prevent hitting with a cutter. The guideline for the support width of the blank is 45mm. Base Plate Spring Bushing with Flange 2 Drystar BM1010F18 Hexagon Socket Set Screw 2 SCM435M6 Spring load N Installation The guideline of the clearance between the blank in return (pressing) and the support plate is 5mm. Blank Support Plate Standard for use of Coil Support When the distance between cutters is 200mm or more and the spring type coil support cannot be used, use this cam type. The guideline of distance between the cutter and the blank support plate is 30mm. View A Coil feeding direction 200mm MIN (Guideline) Distance between cutters Approx.45mm (blank support width) 5mm(Clearance with the blank in return) Set the position of the blank and the coil support. The blank support plate should be manufactured by customers according to the blanking die specification. Refer to the next page for the standard table.

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Coil Support Bronze Support Bar Type, Light Load/Heavy Load Type - 2

Coil Support CAM TYPE T able of Components Spring force Mounted 141.4N Base Slider Driver Upper Plate Spring Stopper Guide Pin Spring Hexagon Socket Head Bolt Set Screw Dowel Pin with Female Thread Arm Plate Hexagon Socket Head Bolt Hexagon Socket Head Bolt Dowel pin Washer Spring used TF30-65 Spring constant : 21.77N/mm(2.22kgf/mm)

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