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labor saving and cost reduction the rectangle, parallelogram and trapezoid shape blank dies Blanking line requiring small lot production of blanks in various shapes. Since the die area of the blanking die system turns with the drive mechanism, one system is able to produce many blank shapes. Automatic type with servo motor drive control Desired trapezoid blanks can be produced with two turning cutting dies. Two blanks can be produced with Two turning cutting dies are automatically positioned with the servo motor drive control. Types of blanking die system Double variable blanking die system...

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Automatic Blanking Die - 3

General description of turn blanking die The die area turns for each stroke of the press to produce trapezoid blank sheets. Since every other blank sheet is produced inverse, two main stackers and a sorter is required. ■ It consists of the upper die and the lower die. The upper die floats on gas springs. ■The upper die surface has a silencing ■The cutter surface of the upper die has shear angle. ■The cutters can be changed at four ■Desired turning angles can be Transfer area (unloading side) ■A transfer conveyor driven with a general ■ Feeding speed can be set with an inverter control unit....

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Automatic Blanking Die - 4

Manual drive unit nanual handle. facilitates movement and turning. (Common for manual type/automatic type) Die area (sheet unloading side) ■The die area at the sheet loading side has fixed cutters. It only turns on the bed. that of the turn blanking type. Die area (sheet loading side) ■The die area at the sheet loading side has movable cutters. It moves and turns Intermediate transfer conveyor ■The transfer conveyor is installed at the center of two die areas. A kicker at the center of the conveyor is installed for ■The transfer conveyor has a special pantograph extends or...

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