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MINE AUTOMATION MINE AUTOMATION SYSTEMS 168 Mine Automation Systems I Sandvik Offering Guide 2015 165

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SAFETY FIRST SAFETY Safety is the key driver for automation. It is As the system optimizes the usage of the about moving people away from hazardous equipment it automatically optimizes energy areas to a safer environment. Fewer people consumption, and smooth operations prolong in the production area means less risk, and at the lifetime of the equipment. Removing people the same time the ore bodies will be effectively from the production areas in some cases sub- utilized, minimizing potential loss. Automation stantially decreases the need for ventilation, reduces the risk of accidents....

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MINE AUTOMATION SYSTEMS -- Safety: Move your operators to the com- award-winning portfolio covers all aspects of fort and safety of a control room environ- automation, from single equipment to full fleet control. In the comfort and safety of a control -- Productivity: Maximize machine capabilities, faster shift change-overs. room, operators can simultaneously control and monitor the movements of a fleet of driv- -- Peace of mind: Know what your equipment erless loaders or trucks hundreds of meters and team is doing in real time wherever you below the surface or drill rigs on the surface. By...

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CONTROL -- Safety: Keep your operators in a safe the equipment. Automatic safety shutdowns control room environment, enabling your are triggered by light curtains if personnel en- equipment to work in hazardous areas ter the work area, or in the event of collision. In -- Productivity: Less down-time between fact, AutoMine Loading Lite is the only loading shifts = increased machine utilization, less automation technology to have SIL2 security wear and tear of equipment while working at optimal performance -- Peace of Mind: From single equipment to AutoMine Loading Lite is also future proof,...

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AUTOMINE LOADING – FLEET AutoMine loading is the fleet automation solution to increase safety and profitability of underground mining operations. It is a flexible modular system that can successfully be adapted to smaller scale operations, as well as massive block caving applications. One operator is able to manage the operation of multiple automated loaders from the safety of a control room environment. The production loading cycle is semi-automated. A navigation system controls the loader during tramming and dumping, whilst bucket loading is performed by remote control. The AutoMine...

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AUTOMINE SURFACE DRILLING AUTOMINE SURFACE DRILLING – LITE AUTOMINE SURFACE DRILLING – FLEET In surface drilling there is always the threat Alongside single-drill automation, we also of collapse from sidewalls and the benches offer the possibility for one operator to control themselves. Our AutoMine Surface Drilling Lite up to 3 drills simultaneously from the safety solution for tophammer and down-the-hole of a control room environment, which can be drills is ideal as it keeps the operator at a safe placed in line of sight to the drills. Deployment distance yet within a line of sight. Drill...

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INSIGHT -- Safety: Understand your equipment’s health from a remote location. -- Productivity: Analyze data to optimize your output. -- Peace of Mind: Know what is going on wherever you happen to be. nous, ensuring no data is lost if connection is lost. A host of connectivity options is available to best support your data-capture and analysis requirements. AutoMine Remote Monitoring amplifies your possibilities by informing new opportunities – enabling you to improve productivity, minimize downtime, control main- Knowing the health and utilization rates of your tenance schedules and lower...

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AUTOMINE TASK CONTROL AutoMine Task Control provides a two-way information exchange and task management system, enabling shift supervisors to receive information about delays and problems in the underground operation. Immediate corrective actions can be undertaken so resources can be best utilized to optimize the ongoing shift results. AutoMine Process Management for Mass Mining Operations is an advanced production control system for massive block cave operations. The system enables production planning and reporting with fleet location tracking. Mine Automation Systems | Sandvik Offering...

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SERVICES -- Safety: Understand and mitigate the dangers specific to your site -- Productivity: Improve your processes and optimize your employees’ skills -- Peace of Mind: Know that your mine is working to the best of its capabilities Our Trans4Mine team of consultants can be called in when your site needs help in increasing productivity rates. After conducting an initial audit they will produce a comprehensive program that maps out an action plan that will elevate production levels to meet your mine’s requirements safely. Our experts will then We have has a team of experts ready to help...

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Mine Automation Systems | Sandvik Offering Guide 2015

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