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SAFETY FIRST SAFETY Our innovation and creativity extends beyond design and engineering of functionality in accreditation and helping you improve your conveyor systems. Health and safety of your environmental profile. Protection of personnel, most valued assets – your personnel – depend equipment and environment are issues that are on products that routinely operate properly. themselves important, but also affect opera- Noise reduction, dust and spillage control and tions and productivity. Carry-back and spillage lighter-weight products combined improve of material from a conveyor system...

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CONVEYOR COMPONENTS We have comprehensive know-how in materi- The full range of Sandvik conveyor compo- als handling and conveying technologies and nents - rollers, pulleys, idlers and garlands, and an impressive history and track record of conveyor accessories, such as belt cleaners, millions of conveyor kilometers operating in loading sections, monitoring systems and various industries around the world. Decades safety and control devices - keep conveyor of engineering experience is designed into systems running efficiently and safely around our conveyor products and development of...

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ROLLERS We design a conveyor roller for smooth ers are available with various surface finishes, rotation, low noise, long service life and good produced as carry, impact, return rollers and operating economy. Available in a wide range of garlands, greased for life and factory sealed. types, sizes, designs and materials, they can be selected to suit the speed, weight and width of We offer two different series of rollers: Sandvik the belt, the properties of the load and the full HR100 represent the traditional end cap roll- range of environmental conditions expected. ers, and Sandvik HM100,...

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We manufacture end cap rollers and frames UNIT HANDLING ROLLERS HR110 to DIN and ISO standards, as well as in CEMA Sandvik HR110 unit handling rollers are used diameters ranging from 51 mm (2") to 219 mm in belt and roller conveyors for unit goods (8.6") and bearing sizes from 6204 to 6312. transfer. The rollers’ deep-drawn end caps of Sandvik HR100 series end cap rollers are steel are pressed inside the shell. Rollers with available with impact discs for loading areas, chain wheels are also available. rubber discs for return rollers and rubber lagging for special applications. SANDVIK...

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STANDARD END CAP ROLLERS HR120 Sandvik HR120 standard end cap steel rollers MACHINED AND BALANCED ROLLERS HR150 are robust rollers equipped with strong end Sandvik HR150 rollers are machined and bal- caps, effective labyrinth seals and precision anced low noise rollers with smooth opera- bearings. Manufactured in automated produc- tion and long service life thanks to excellent tion, standard sizes are available from stock. roundness and good dynamic balancing and reduced vibration. IMPACT ROLLERS HR130 on the rollers and the belts the impact rollers ALUMINIUM & MOLDED END CAP ROLLERS HR160...

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FORMED ROLLERS HM100 SERIES With our new Sandvik HM100 series rollers, an intelligent design and sophisticated manu- With the bearing seats formed as an integral facturing process delivers a straightforward part of the shell, the opposing bearings are product with superior characteristics. De- tightly aligned. The formed bearing holders signed for highest loading capacities and belt improve reliability of the roller, leading to lower speeds, formed rollers offer special features failure rates. such as long life, low weight, energy efficiency, low vibrations and decreased noise levels....

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FLOW AND END FORMED ROLLERS HM150 In addition to the benefits of the Sandvik HM140 roller, the Sandvik HM150 series rollers are equipped with a flow formed roller shell. The flow forming process delivers a shell of exceptional roundness and increased hardness, which is a key to success in mining conveyors and similar equipment. An increased wall thickness at the center of the shell allows for better loading capabilities with lower shell deformations. Flow formed rollers do not require machining and balancing, as TIR is extremely low and shell thickness remains constant, leading to improved...

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SPECIAL ROLLERS HR400 SERIES For a long belt life and more efficient material guiding products help keep the belt correctly transport, we offers wide selection of special aligned during operation. Our easy-to-fit rollers of various designs and configurations trackers range from traditional types with – belt tracking rollers, holdback rollers, as well side-guiding idlers to the rapid response belt as side guide rollers. Our belt tracking and tracking roller. BELT TRACKING ROLLERS SIDE GUIDE ROLLERS Sandvik HR410 is an efficient return belt track- Sandvik HR430 side guide rollers are...

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IDLERS AND GARLANDS HR300 SERIES IDLERS A conveyor idler consists of a number of rollers Sandvik HR300 idlers and HR200 frames are and a frame. We manufacture conveyor idlers designed to maintain an optimum conveyor for the carrying and return run, impact and belt profile, which in turn promotes low rolling transition. Available in a wide range of resistance, excellent belt support, good belt sizes for belt widths from 400 to 3,500 mm guidance and long belt life. Manufactured (16" to 137") and in various designs for different with high-grade steel, all Sandvik frames placements, troughing...

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BELT TRAINERS Instead of fixed idlers, garland rollers can be Training idlers are designed to provide installed in the carrying and return run, as well mechanical assistance with tracking of a as in impact areas. The rollers are connected conveyor belt. to each other with flexible links and fixed to the conveyor frame with suspension links, which allows free movement in the direction of the or return idler can be supplied as a positive ac- belt travel. A garland set is easy to replace by tion training idler. Training idlers have a heavy lifting the idler set from the hook. The flexible duty...

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