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With a focus on composites Solutions for carbon fibre and stacked materials Carbon fibre and other composite materials are developing fast, new material properties are evolving and the usage is expanding. Various benefits such as lighter and stronger components as well as reduced problems with corrosion make them very suitalble in many applications. But with the success of these as constructional materials comes new demands on machining capability, where variations in machinability add to the challenge. Materials and features Establishing individual processes for applications is the...

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Edging and trimming Whether it is the trimming of larger components or edging the circumference of CFRP (carbon reinforced plastic), CoroMill® milling cutters are the solution. CoroMill 329 slotting cutters using carbide of PCD inserts for trimming or CoroMill Plura PCD and diamond coated cutters for edging are all designed to reduce splintering and improve edge quality. Positive angles and sharp cutting edges are essential for the reduction of heat and the production of high quality surfaces for the aerospace industry. Hole making Producing holes in various carbon fibre materials demands...

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Structural componentsFor airframes, composites are especially developed to add stiffness, strength and durability to structures. Composites have excellent strength to weight ratio and can be formed into complicated shapes. In comparison to aluminium, carbon fibre composites (CFRP) typically have more than fourteen times the tensile strength; nineteen times lower thermal expansion; five times greater stiffness and yet weigh only half as much. But they are also much more challenging to machine. CoroMill®590 with PCD inserts Surface milling Cutting speed Vc m/min 300 Depth of cut ap mm 2.5...

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Edging of composites The finish achieved in one operation can reduce or eliminate secondary operations, and increased tool life can reduce machine downtime. Rough machining or finishing of composite materials can be improved with CoroMill®cutters. PCD end mills and diamondcoated carbide cutters can be engineered to suit most aapplications, reducing splintering of fibres and increasing metal removal rates. Producing holes in CFRP/AL stacked materials Producing high quality ¼” (6.35mm) holes in CFRP and AL stacked materials, was made possible with the CoroDrill® 854 with diamond coating....

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Tooling solutions A varied selection of tool geometries, designs, as well as one or two-hit process solutions can drastically improve the production process. Product solutions from Sandvik Coromant include carbide and brazed or vein type diamond drills, counter-sunk tools as well as reamers for demanding surface finish and hole tolerance. Application demandsStructural components such as composite wing - including spars, stringers and skins - are made out of variations of carbon fibre and matrix materials, which result in the need for individual tooling solutions. Other demanding structures,...

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CoroDrill® Vein PCD drill Hole making Cutting speed Vc m/min 12 Drill depth ap mm 25 Feed rate fn mm/rev 0.05 Hole making in carbon fibre and titaniumstacked material Carbon fibre stacked with titanium is one of the most demanding material combinations. The CoroDrill PCD vein drill, designed with a unique geometry, was able to raise productivity in this challenging hole making application. A sandwich of carbon fibre, with a thickness of 15 mm, layered with a 10 mm sheet of titanium was machined with good security and precision. CoroDrill® geometry range A design for various carbon fibre...

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aluminium Ø 9.525 mm carbon fibre 20 mm aluminium 20 mm 20 mm Demanding application in stacked materials Material: Aluminium, carbon fibre, aluminiumstack Application: – Hole making Hole diameter: – 9.525 mm (3/8”) Drill type: – CoroDrill® 854 composite drill with diamond coating Machine type and condition: – Positive -feed machines (pneumatic) – Micro lubrication Cutting data: – RPM: 2000 – Feed: 0.03 mm/rev Hole tolerance demands: – H9 Surface rougness: – Demand: 3.2 Ra – Result: 1.6 Ra Demands on a secure machining process with accurate dimensions, surface finish and limited burr...

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