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PRIMA D100 - 1

Equipment Designation Diaphragm material Part number PRIMA 01D100 DIAPHRAGM PUMP BARE PTFE Diaphragm pump Accessories Designation Part number WALL MOUNTING BRACKET DIAPHGRAM PUMP TROLLEY CONVERSION KIT AXIS & WHEELS AIR SUPPLY WITH 1 REGULATOR 6L GRAVITY CUP WITH L SHAPE TUBE KIT TROLLEY (TRIPOD + WHEELS) AIR PLATE 3 REGULATORS AIRSPRAY AIR PLATE 2 REGULATORS (MOTOR+ATOM AIR) AIR PLATE 2 REGULATORS (ATOM AIR +FLUID) Airspray / Pumps Spare Parts Designation Part number PACKAGE OF 4 SST BALLS DIAM 16 PACK OF SEALS FOR AIR DISTRIBUTOR 01D100 PACK OF SEALS FOR AIR MOTOR 01D100 COMPLETE BALL CAGE TOP 01D100 COMPLETE BALL CAGE BOTTOM 01D100 PACK OF FLUID SEALS FKM 01D100 DIAPHRAGM KIT 01D100 FLUID PTFE & AIR SIMPLE AND EFFICIENT DIAPHRAGM PUMP ! Pulsation free with REGPro solution for high finishing results Robust & durable design User friendly Airless® is a registered trademark : FR n ° 1 222 301 SAMES KREMLIN reserves the right to modify its equipment or specifications without further notice. Document, products and pictures shown are not contractual. Apply your Skills

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PRIMA D100 - 2

PRIMA™ 01D100 Diaphragm pump PRIMA™ 01D100* is a 1:1 ratio double diaphragm pump to feed your manual and automatic spray systems in the general industry markets. The PRIMA 01D100 diaphragm pump is the perfect solution to feed your spray systems in the wood, metal and plastic industries. This painting pump is compatible with solvent or water based materials but also with electrostatic Airspray installations. PRIMA 01D100E is a version for abrasive materials such as enamels applications, fitted with PU diaphragms. 1 Large ½' suction inlet to increase the suction power 2 Foot assembly for...

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