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Equipment for North America Designation Part number Gun, Inogun M, 6 m cable, Inobox Gun, Inogun M NDT, 6 m cable, Inobox Gun, Inogun M, 12 m cable, Inobox Gun, Inogun M NDT, 12 m cable, Inobox Powder / Manual Guns USER-FRIENDLY AND ERGONOMIC MANUAL POWDER GUN Lifetime finish quality: Long life cascade durability and HV performance Efficient powder transfer: TEC5 technology Balanced and ergonomic design: No repetitive strain damage, less fatigue Airless® is a registered trademark : FR n ° 1 222 301 SAMES KREMLIN reserves the right to modify its equipment or specifications without further notice. Document, products and pictures shown are not contractual. Apply your Skills

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INOGUN M Manual powder gun The Inogun M sprayer gathers all SAMES KREMLIN's knowledge and expertise to provide the best of electrostatic technology for the manual application of powder. TEC5 CORONA CHARGE The Inogun M is designed to provide the best quality powder application because it is wellbalanced, supplied with low voltage cable, powder tube and reactive trigger that requires a gentle touch. The powerful high voltage unit coupled with the high voltage control unit provides a high wraparound effect on large parts (D. 500mm / 20 in) and has deep penetration into recessed areas. This...

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