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Airspray spraying & equipment


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Airspray spraying & equipment - 1

Airspray spraying & equipment “Manufacturer since 1925, bringing you the very best of the finishing applications” Apply your Skills SAMES KREMLIN reserves the right to modify the equipment introduced in this catalogue as well as their specifications without notice. Any representation or reproduction, even partial, carried out by any means whatsoever, and without SAMES KREMLIN’ prior knowledge and agreement, is illegal, and constitutes counterfeiting and infringement as sanctioned by the articles L.335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property code. Document, products and pictures shown are not contractual - C.B. Graphic department - Contact: Printed in France - Dec. 2018 - Ref: 573 725

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Airspray spraying & equipment - 2

Bond j Protect j Beautify SAMES KREMLIN Bond j Protect j Beautify Editor’s note To help you increase your competitiveness, SAMES KREMLIN dedicates itself daily to excellence in terms of innovation and reliability. We are constantly improving our performances as well as quality to meet your specific needs. We also help you define the equipment allowing your installation to comply with V.O.C. directives and industry standards. We enable you to benefit from reliable technologies while ensuring you a swift return on investment. In this catalog, you will find the equipment that will enable you...

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Airspray spraying & equipment - 3

Airspray spraying & equipment

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Airspray spraying & equipment - 4

Bond j Protect j Beautify SAMES KREMLIN SAMES KREMLIN HAS WORKED OUT A COMPLETE OFFER OF SERVICES, ADAPTED TO ALL YOUR NEEDS: Advice, repair, servicing, adjustment or intervention by a qualified technician. Whatever your request may be, SAMES KREMLIN Customer satisfaction department, is at your disposal to answer your needs within the shortest time. > HOTLINE SAMES KREMLIN HAS A QUALITY HOTLINE WHICH TAKES CARE OF OUR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. PLEASE FILL FREE TO CONTACT US. OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM WOULD LIKE TO PROVIDE AN ANSWER UNDER 48 HOURS. +33 (0)1 49 40 25 28 MONDAY TO FRIDAY: 8:30 -...

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Airspray spraying & equipment - 5

Airspray spraying & equipment QUALITY INSURANCE In conformity with the ISO9001 standard - issue 2008, the requisite procedures and registrations are mastered. The seriousness with which SAMES KREMLIN’s quality policy is dealt ensures you an optimum quality at each stage of the production and of the assembly of the components. Our products are in the scope of the following European directives: • 2014/34/UE Explosive Atmospheres • 2006/42/CE Machinery • 2014/35/UE Low Voltage • 2014/30/UE Electromagnetic Compatibility • 2011/65/UE RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and...

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Airspray spraying & equipment - 6

Bond | Protect | Beautify GLOBAL PRESENCE 17 LOCATIONS SAMES KREMLIN 150 av, de Stalingrad 93240 Stains - France SAMES KREMLIN 13 chemin de Malacher 38243 Meylan - FRANCE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 45001 5 Mile Rd, PLYMOUTH, MI, 48170 Tel. : 734-979-0100 Fax : 734-927-0064 C/Botánica, 49 08908 L’HOSPITALET DE LLOBREGA BARCELONA Tel. : +34.932641540 Fax : + 34.932632829 BERNARDO GARZA TREVINO # 1715 COL DE MAESTRO MONTERREY, N.L CP 64180 MEXICO Tel. : (81) 1257-1111 Fax : (81) 1352-8316 SOUTH AFRICA Block G, Hurlingham Office Park, Hurlingham Johannesburg Tel: +27 (11) 285 0040 Rua Alfredo...

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Airspray spraying & equipment - 7

Airspray spraying & equipment GLOBAL PRESENCE SAMES KREMLIN sp. z o.o. ul. Modlinska 221B 03-120 Warszawa, POLSKA Tel. : + 48 22 510 38 52 Linate Business Park Strada Provinciale Rivoltana 35 20096 Pioltello (MI) Tel. : (+39) 02 - 48952815 Fax : (+39) 02 - 48300071 Building No.9, No.3802 Shengang Road Songjiang District SHANGHAI 201613 Tel. : 021-5438 6060 Fax : 021-5438 6090 GAT no - 634, PUNE NAGAR Road, Wagholi PUNE - 412 207 Tel : +91 20 30472700/01 Fax : +91 20 30472710 Application Center

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Airspray spraying & equipment - 8

Bond | Protect | Beautify Paint Decoration and protection are often two associated functions. To achieve these aims, and to refinish products, we have at our disposal a tremendous number of surface treatments,(for example nickel or chrome plating etc). Paint is also perfect for both of these functions. In addition, paint is universally used, and can be applied on any surface, such as wood, metal, stone, leather, plastic and elastomers. Paint does not come as a finished product, and hence the quality of application will depend on all its stages of preparation, which we will call the...

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Airspray spraying & equipment - 9

Airspray spraying & equipment There is a wide range of physical and chemical treatments to which the surface to be coated can be subjected, before receiving the first coat. Good surface preparation is the essential base for long-lasting protection and a good visual finish on any material. The surface preparation is often the longest, and therefore the most important task involved in coating a part. Material Steel: Aluminum: Wood: Plastic: Physical preparation_Chemical preparation stripping, shotblasting, brushing acid Brushing Vapor blast Sanding heating plasma torch, acid...

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Airspray spraying & equipment - 10

Bond j Protect j Beautify SAMES KREMLIN Looking at a painted object will tell us that paint is hard. However, the paint which we spray is a liquid. This transformation is due in the main part to several components of paint whose functions are described below. Paint contains one or more substances which are generally dissolved in a solvent (or in water) and which regain their solid consistency after drying on the surface. Amongst these substances, we find: » Binders » Pigments » Fillers The binder is generally a more or less transparent body which resembles a resin. Dissolved on its own in a...

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Airspray spraying & equipment - 11

Airspray spraying & equipment Finally, to give the finish specific characteristics, we use a whole range of fillers and additives. Solvents make it possible to dissolve the other components of the paint, and can be classed into the following three groups: » Fast solvents: they evaporate extremely quickly, to such an extent that the paint can dry too quickly, not allowing it enough time to adhere correctly to the surface. These solvents are never used on their own. » Slow solvents: they evaporate very slowly, allowing the paint to adhere properly. They leave a soft and smooth finish. Slow...

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