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Company Profile - La ditta si riserva la facoltà di modificare senza preavviso i dati riportati in questo catalogo. - Saer can alter without notifications the data mentioned in this catalogue. - Saer se reserva el derecho de modificar los datos indicados en este catalogo sin previo aviso. - Saer se réserve le droit de modifier sans préavis les données techniques dans ce catalogue. - Компания оставляет за собой право без предупреждеия кoppeктиpoавть данные содержащиеся в данном каталоге. - Das Unternehmen behält sich das Recht vor, die in dem Katalog vorhandenen Daten ohne Benachrichtigung zu ändern. SAER ELETTROPOMPE S.p.A. Via Circonvallazione, 22 - 42016 Guastalla (RE) Italy Tel. +39 0522 830941 - Fax +39 0522 826948 - SAER.Elettropompe - @saerelettropompe SAER Pump Selector

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HISTORY Storia Historia OUR NUMBERS I nostri Numeri Nuestros Numeros APPLICATIONS Applicazioni Aplicaciones COMPANY Company Empresa PRODUCTS Prodotti Productos PROJECTS Progetti Proyectos SAERWORLD Mondo SAER Mundo SAER

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Storia Historia Italian heart worldwide vision SAER is an Italian company, established in 1951 in the province of Reggio Emilia by Mr. Carlo Favella. From a three people small workshop initially based on pumps for agriculture, nowadays SAER is a worldwide reality. With a comprehensive offer of 800 different types of pumps for fields such as industrial, civil, marine, mining, O&G, HVAC, RO and six completely automated production plants , we employ more than 240 people in Italy and export in 100 countries worldwide. Cuore italiano visione globale SAER è un’azienda italiana fondata nel 1951 in...

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OUR NUMBERS I nostri Numeri Nuestros Numeros 1_ Only place where we produce: Italy Unico posto dove produciamo: Italia Solo pais donde producimos: Italia 4_ New series developped in the last 3 years Nuove serie sviluppate negli ultimi 3 anni Nuevas series imple-mentados en los ulti-mos 3 anos 7 Metallurgies availables Metallurgie disponibili Metalurgias disponibles Days average delivery time Giorni in media per la consegna Dias promedio de entrega Authorized service centers around the world Centri di assistenza autorizzati in tutto il mondo Centros de servicio autorizados en todo el mundo...

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APPLICATIONS Applicazioni Aplicaciones HVAC HVAC Civile Civil Durability and ease of installation High efficiency for energy saving Resistenza e facilità di installazione Alta efficienza per risparmio energetico Resistencia y facilidad de instalación Alta eficiencia para el ahorro de energía Industriale Industrial Agricoltura ed irrigazione Agricultura y riego For treating water according to its final use Water wastage reduction enhacing productivity Per trattare l’acqua secondo il suo utilizzo finale Riduce sprechi d’acqua aumentando produttività Para tratar el agua según su uso final...

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COMPANY Azienda Empress PROUDLY    MANUFACTURING CAPABILITY Almost a century of knowledge in the water pumping and its applications has lead SAER to develop an incredible range in terms of variety of materials and type of construction including: surface motors, end suction, close coupled and high pressure pumps, split casing, in line pumps, submersible pumps and motors, small commercial series, booster sets. Headquarter: R&D and quality department, testing facilities, production. Motor division: production from 4” up to 12” submersible motors and up to 55 kW surface engines. Technology...

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CENTRALIZED PRODUCTION PASSION FOR RESEARCH QUALITY CONTROL Our product range is continuously evolving. Not only new series are designed, but also all the lines to be in conformity with the latest norms and parameters are updated, giving birth to innovative and energy saving water pumping solutions. All over the production cycle a complete protocol warrants the quality of the products. SAER brand through its know-how, ISO 9001 and flexible processes is worldwide recognized as synonymous of excellence. In house R&D, machining, assembling, testing:    a full control of all the phases of...

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CONTROLLO QUALITÀ PRODUZIONE CENTRALIZZATA La nostra gamma prodotti è in evoluzione continua. Oltre alla progettazione di nuove serie aggiorniamo costantemente le storiche, affinchè siano conformi alle ultime normative in materia, per offrire soluzioni innovative ed energy saving. All over the production cycle a complete protocol warrants the quality. SAER brand through its know how, ISO 9001 and flexible processes is worldwide recognized as synonymous of excellence. R&D, lavorazioni, assemblaggio e test: tutto viene performato all’interno dei nostri stabilimenti. Investimenti vengono fatti...

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Mini EIETTROPOMPE SMART SOLUTIONS FAST DELIVERYADDED VALUE The combination of completely automated processes and highly specialized personnel, contribute to the creation of resistant and performing products even in difficult situations, with constant attention to process optimization and the search for the best efficiency. Delivery time is a major factor of our success, and this can be achieved only through an optimized coordination of all the phases involved in the production process. The projection towards innovation and know-how acquired over the years make the development of new...

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Produzione Produccion SOLUZIONI SMART RIDOTTI TEMPI DI CONSEGNAVALORE AGGIUNTO Il connubbio    tra    processi completamente automatizzati e personale altamente specializzato contribuisce alla creazione di prodotti resistenti e performanti anche in situazioni gravose, con una    costante attenzione all'ottimizzazione di processo e ricerca della migliore efficienza. Il tempo di consegna e uno dei fattori cardine del nostro successo, e un livello ottimale pud essere raggiunto solo con una perfetta coordinazione di tutte le fasi coinvolte nel processo produttivo. La proiezione...

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