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FAMILY BUSINESS IN THE THIRD GENERATION years of experience in cable and wire manufacturing as well as in temperature measurement technology turned a oneman business into a company with more than 550 employees. We prove our strength every year with more than 1500 special products according to customers' requirements. Each product is a new challenge for our creative technical team. We at B see ourselves as a manufacturer and a service provider – in the sense of true partnership and the greatest possible customer orientation. Today, the quality of our products is known and appreciated in more...

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C O M PA N Y Alarm systems against bacon The B story starts in a shed in Suchtein and 100 Reichsmark. The start can be compared to a roller coaster ride. It rises quickly but soon the descent follows. The sixties are a time of rapid growth for the company. Peter Bröckskes is hardly able to keep up with all of his plans. As the company booms, two factory plants and an office building are put up. At the beginning of the 1950s, Peter Bröckskes, Sr. is confronted with many challenges. The young entrepreneur discovers a market niche that lays the foundation for this success story. Bröckskes is...

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H I STO RY Crisis becomes opportunity A change of strategy becomes necessary when B Bröckskes is in a crisis with a 25% drop in sales. The decision is made to change from a wholesale business to a special solutions provider for industrial applications. This courageous decision changes the future of the company. On the speedboat S The 2000s started with awards, jubilees, certifications, and further international expansion. Things start to change and in 2007 the worldwide financial crisis hits. It reaches B Bröckskes and the turnover figures are decreasing considerably. The company starts...

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Due to quicker and highly technical automation systems in production and application technology, industry demands innovative cables from cable industry. In order to be always technically up to date, we develop and produce customised special solutions exactly according to the requirements of our customers. We are able to realise smallest production units. Total lengths of 300 m – often only 100 m – meet the individual requirements and the economic interest of our customers.

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Special Cable Manufacturer - 9

PRODUCTION M EASU R E M E NT TECH NOLOGY AN D CAB LE HAR N ESSI NG For more than 75 years we design individual temperature measurement solutions for industrial applications. Our customers not only benefit from the wide range of our standard temperature sensors but can also choose out of the variety of special sensors developed and produced by S Bröckskes. Furthermore, cable harnessing belongs to the product range of S Bröckskes. Many customers require complete solutions consisting of cables and plugs. We expand our cable harnessing production continuously. Therefore, we are able to offer...

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Special Cable Manufacturer - 10

PRODUCT RANG E PRODUCTION POSSI B I LITI ES Flexible cables and wires “Made in Germany” As a leading manufacturer we develop and produce cables for industrial purposes. Our wide range of materials offers a lot of possibilities for your individual product requirement. The following survey shows an extract of our production possibilities: Conductor Materials: Insulation and Jacketing Materials: bare copper tinned copper silver plated copper nickel plated copper nickel nickel pure compensating cable alloys PVC Polyethylene Polypropylene Polyurethane TPE Temperature Ranges: Thermoplastic...

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AT A G LANCE S offers a variety of solutions for individual application areas. The variety within the cable and connector range is very wide. Which cable fits to the application, which connector to the cable? B focuses on these questions. Nearly all products are special cables for the most different requirements and applications. Our competence is the design of highly flexible cables according to the customer´s requirements as for example used for automation, robotic, crane and railway technology.

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I N DUSTR IAL SOLUTIONS FOR SPECIAL APPLICATIONS We cover the most different application ranges. As manufacturer of industrial cables it is our main business to analyse problems and design customised cables for industrial applications. In the following overview you will find a broad range of electrical cables that have been developed by S Bröckskes for the most different industrial applications. In case that you do not find the appropriate cable in our standard programme, please contact us. Our technical team is always prepared to develop your special cable for your individual application....

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Special Cable Manufacturer - 14

AU DITE D / TESTE D / APPROVE D QUALITY ASSU RANCE Good results are neither influenced by good luck or by chance . . . ... but by years of experience, ingenious techniques, technical competence as well as the ability to develop the new, to test and to improve the existing. We are continuously engaged in new and further development of our products in order to complete our cable range and to extend and strengthen our market position. With the help of our wide range of testing machines we are able to assure that our products are tested intensively before being introduced on the market....

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Sustainable Environmental and Climate Protection We always like to convince our customers with best performance. Therefore, highest quality standards are prevailing on all levels. For this purpose we introduced a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in 1996. This enables us again and again to find measurable parameters for the identification of improvement potential. ln.addition, our quality is confirmed by numerous customer audits. In 2005 we introduced an environmental management system for our company in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. In both the development of new...

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