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M I N E R A L I N S U L AT E D T H E R M O C O U P L E S MTC 201 Mineral insulated thermocouple with PFA connection cable Th 22 LTV thermocouple: form A insulated or form B welded measuring temp.: type K: max. 800°C with sheath material 1.4541 max. 1100°C with sheath material 2.4816 type J: max. 750°C other thermocouples cable length SHEATH - Ø: q 0,25 mm (only type K) q 0,64 mm q 1,0 mm q 3,0 mm q 4,5 mm other sheath materials TYPE OF CABLE ENDS: q bare ends q end sleeves q other cable ends nominal length other sheath-Ø TYPE OF MEASURING TIP: q form A, insulated measuring tip, without kink protection q form B, welded measuring tip, without kink protection q form A, insulated measuring tip, with kink protection q form B, welded measuring tip, with kink protection since 04/94 the standard DIN 43710 is no longer valid * type of sleeve corresponds to sheath-Ø and connection cable Technical data cores together Temp. range of insulation: stainless steel wire armouring (VA) with tracer round flexible application: max. +250°C fixed laying: max. +250°C with limited service time: +260°C Insulation resistance: Cable section: Fire performance: flame retardant and self-extinguishing acc. to IEC 60332-1-2 and EN 60332-1-2 Absence of harmful substances: acc. to RoHS directive of the European Union

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