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years of experience in temperature measurement and control technique as well as in cable production have made a one man business a company with nearly 500 staff members. Our strength is not only the production of standard products but also the development and manufacturing of special products acc. to customers’ specifications. Every year we manufacture more than 1500 special products on our customers’ request. Every single product is a challenge for our technical team. We at B BRÖCKSKES see ourselves as manufacturer and service provider - in the sense of real partnership and customer...

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Cables for sensors Applications In almost all industrial sectors an electronic measurement, control and automation are of greatest importance. Sensors and measuring technique are closely connected with each other and in many fields you can’t do without. The application range of sensor technology is far reaching from the collection of factors in process technology via the analysis of product characteristics in the manufacturing industry as well as in the automated production to the control of products. Herewith, the exact measurement of physical values like ■ pressure ■ composition and...

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Cables for sensors Different industrial applications Railway technology Aerospace Automotive manufacturers and suppliers Machinery and plant engineering Metal processing industry Mining Drive, control and automation technology Electrical and Power Engineering Paper industry Shipbuilding and offshore industry Chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industry Food and beverage industry Plastics industry Medical, pharmacy, sports and biomechanics Pictures: © Alterfalter / Fotolia · © industrieblick / Fotolia · Kuka · © den-belitsky / Fotolia · © Pictures4you / Fotolia Stahl-Zentrum / Dillinger...

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Cables for sensors application examples Applications: ■ Outstanding features: Reeling sensor cables e.g. in the seismic technology: borehole probes for the detection of hazardous substances in soil and water methane studies with methane probe for offshore risk management or for climate change studies high tensile strength, abrasion and notch resistance extremely high winding and unwinding strength good oil resistance good chemical resistance supporting screen of high-tech yarn Besilen® (silicone) sensor cables e.g. in furnace construction: sensor cable for position sensors at oven doors in...

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Cables for sensors application examples Applications: ■ Outstanding features: Cable track sensor cables e.g. in railway technology: sensor cable for door control sensor cable for encoder for contactless measurement of revolution speed, angular and position at high speed milling machines or manufacturing centers for the processing of metal, wood, glass and aluminum continuously flexible flexible at low temperatures high abrasion resistance very good oil resistant good chemical resistance no flame propagation flame retardant and self-extinguishing Halogen-free sensor cables e.g. in railway...

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Cables for sensors application examples Applications: ■ Outstanding features: Special and hybrid sensor cables e.g. for hydrostatic liquid level monitoring and liquid level measurement in drinking water, wastewater, process and river water Version with integrated polyamide sleeve seismic investigations with a drilling hole geophone for soil investigations, monitoring of hydraulic fracturing flame retardant and self-extinguishing fiber optic cable system for marking of spare parts and for robot and portal applications Ethernet and hybrid sensor cables e.g. in railway technology: sensor cable...

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S B R Ö C KS K E S G M B H & C O. KG G R E F RATH E R STR. 204 - 212 B 41749 VI E R S E N · G E R MANY TE L.: +49/2162/898-0 FAX: +49/2162/898-101 WWW.SAB-WO R LDW I D E.C O M

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