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Insights into our production 6-7 \ The examples shown above are only a selection of our possibilities. For other solutions our experts are always at your disposal. Please, do not hesitate to contact our specialists who will advice you individuallly for your special application. / SPECIAL CABLES

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years of experience in temperature measurement and control technique as well as in cable production have made a one man business a company with nearly 500 staff members. Our strength is not only the production of standard products but also the development and manufacturing of special products acc. to customers' specifications. Every year we manufacture more than 1500 special products on our customers' request. Every single product is a challenge for our technical team. We at SOB Brockskes see ourselves as manufacturer and service provider - in the sense of real partnership and customer...

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From our central stock in Viersen-Suchteln or our external stocks, we supply standard lengths as well as special dimensions, often within 24 hours. It is our strength to be at different places at the same time. This shows also our wide product range. Being always ready to deliver our products of constant quality is our strength at SOB BROCKSKES. Challenge, obligation - but also guarantee at the same time. This is your advantage - we are present whenever you need our assistance. Head office: SRB BROCKSKES GmbH & Co. KG Grefrather Str. 204-212b 41749 Viersen Germany Phone: +49 (0) 2162 898-0...

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Cable Asseblies - 6

INSIGHTS INTO OUR PRODUCTION e at S BRÖCKSKES have enlarged our delivery program by the field of cable harnessing. No matter if standard or special construction, we design and produce high-quality cables and wires up to the ready-connected plug. Whether single conductor harnessing, harnessed cables or complete cable sets _ we offer a broad program especially according to your requirements and specifications. Our harnessed cables are used in various industrial branches. Thus, they are used for example in automobile industry, for machine plants and control system construction as well as in...

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Good results are not achieved by good luck "' : or by hazard. Years of experience, a sophisticated "Tv, technology, expertise and the ability to develop new things as well as the ability to examine and improve the existing are of greatest importance. Our innovative strength is the base to meet successfully the challenges of the existing market and future developments. A permanent development of our products takes place to complete our range of services and to consolidate and expand our position on the market. The varied combination possibilities of plug types and terminals as well as the...

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Cable Asseblies - 8

Brockskes has completed its range of harnessed cables with the certification acc. to UL Standard Wiring Harness „category ZPFW2 (UL)“ and „ZPFW8 (Canada)'' and herewith strengthens its position as cable specialist for cable harness acc. to customer's specification. Whenever harnessed cables are produced as component part of a final product for the North American and Canadian market, an UL certified cable harness is necessary. With the UL certification SRB ensures the detailed traceability of individual components as for example cables, plugs or sleeves and offers highest planning...

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Cable Asseblies - 9

HARNESSED CABLES USB 2.0 CABLE FLEXIBLE AT LOW TEMPERATURES appropriate for the application at extremely low temperatures The requirements on automobiles of tomorrow are growing more and more and are highly specialised. In order to fulfil those requirements the applications outside are intensifying especially in the range of test vehicles. The test runs take place under harsh ambient conditions for example in arctic areas. As a consequence the requirements on the harnesses are also becoming harder. On this basis S has developed a USB 2.0 cable that is appropriate for permanent flexible use...

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HARNESSED CABLES HARNESSED COAX CABLE with BNC connector assemblies HIGH FREQUENCY TECHNIQUE FOR RADIO, AUDIO AND VIDEO COMMUNICATION S BRÖCKSKES offers different cable harnesses for high frequency technique (radio, audio and video communication), among others coax cables with different bayonet nut connectors (BNC). The bayonet offers a reliable connection. Also for this cable harness you can choose different cable and connector types in order to adapt the product to your special requirement profile. S has specialised on the particular industrial demands and has developed the corresponding...

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Cable Asseblies - 11

with high frequency plug connectors DIFFERENT PLUG CONNECTORS FOR HIGH FREQUENCY APPLICATIONS Besides cable harnesses with BNC plug connectors, SOB BROCKSKES offers further harnesses for high frequency applications for example coax cables with UHF-, mini-UHF or SMB connectors. We don't have a standard product range but special products for individual application ranges. These special applications are for example the requirements on temperature or flexibility. conductor: core insulation: screen: outer sheath: sheath colour: silver-plated copper strands 0,55 mm2 polymer silver-plated copper...

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between CAN-BUS interface and modules The SOB BROCKSKES delivery programme also includes cable harnesses that are used as connection cable between CAN-BUS interfaces and different modules (for example thermo- or A/D module). There is the possibility to choose between different cable types and plug combinations. The connectors can be adapted to the module with regard to size, type, number of pins and pin configuration. Furthermore, different cables are available that are suitable for different applications. conductor: core insulation: screen: outer sheath: sheath colour: tinned copper...

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for measuring modules and data logger Also harnessed connection cables for measuring modules and data logger (CAN cable) belong to the SOB product range. These harnessed cables have been mainly developed for the application in test vehicles and test benches, nevertheless they can also be used in other fields. The customer can choose between different cable and plug combinations. The plugs can be adapted with regard to size, construction form, number of poles and pin assignment to the module respectively logger. Furthermore, different cable types can be chosen which are suitable for...

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