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Decide deliberately for ideal climate! Highly precise measurement and control technology enhances energy efficiency, saves the environment, and ensures more quality to people‘s life. The intelligent use of energy is one of the focal challenges of our time. It saves money, provides for more economical methods of operation, and contributes to the improvement of the global CO2 balance. Furthermore such behaviour conveys a very good feeling. Because one who saves energy is demonstrating personal responsibility. For the environment as well as also for future generations. S+S is yielding...

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More on the subject “radio technology” and efficient use of energy see page 256 and following. Thinking visionary, implementing practice-oriented. In this consciousness S+S continuously develops energy-saving system solutions. Most recent products in the field of intelligent radio sensor technology are batteryless switches, sensors, and receivers for building and industrial automation. The declared claim: User-optimised technology, extraordinary functionalities, and attractive design. Even double convincing in this product segment: KYMASGARD® Radio transmitters, radio sensors, radio...

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Bigger, better, faster – through healthy growth! Continuous development having positive impact in many ways. The more successful a company is, the more important are investments in its future. The permanent product development and increasing sales of our products can be read best from these latest figures: 4000 m2 of production space 500 m2 of offices administration 50 employees In combination with an optimised internal company infrastructure, this increased capacity will result in even more efficient manufacturing and even quicker deliveries. Accomplishments deserving your confidence:...

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Odin The new enclosure family Frija is available! With it, S+S is taking another big step on the way to the strong brand. In addition to the modern design and consistent aesthetics, the enclosures were optimised in numerous mechanical and functional details: Illuminated display as a standard and grippy, overwindproof knobs make handling a pure joy. From now on architects and planners have the choice between three lines – Frija, Odin and Thor. Frija on a clear course New enclosure family uniting functionality with aesthetics

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Frija While creating our new products and lines of design, we let us significantly inspire by our customers' experiences and desires. Engineering achievement, development of prototypes, testing phase, and serial production are realised in-house at S+S. Result of such holistic thinking is a consistent high-quality product world, presenting the suitable solution for any customer requirement – at a good price-performance ratio. That's how we define precision. Sophisticated quality made in one cast S+S keeping an eye on the customer User-oriented design The patented design of our enclosure...

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MAD E I N G E R M A N Y International orientation All our product lines comply with highest quality standards. With dedication on the job S+S providing vocational training Ultimate precision under hand and seal S+S certified in development and production We attach utmost importance to the observance of all agreed dates. Based on a highly efficient warehousing and shipping system, we are generally able to deliver even special request orders quickly and reliable. Our 24-hour service is effective for all standard products. Before any product is leaving our house, several steps of testing it is...

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Our sensors and control devices are excellently suited for open system solutions of most diverse characteristics in building services engineering – from a trade-overlapping horizontal field level up to the vertical connection to superior automation and management systems. They are open to all current bus systems of the industry, providing building data for tasks like cost control, balancing, and central monitoring. That assures protection of your investments and facilitates a continued migration to more comprehensive building automation systems according to the respective latest...

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Energy and water supply Heating and cooling technology Sanitary and wastewater technology Energy and consumption management Production and storage Air conditioning and ventilation Motion detection and access control Room control Hotels and restaurants, offices Air conditioning and ventilation Refrigeration Lighting Shading Public and security areas Access control Motion detection Air pollution control Lighting and ventilation Communicative basis Whether Modbus, WLAN, or S-Bus: The S+S portfolio features the necessary openness for comprehensive integrated building automation. ROOM AUTOMATION...

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All measuring transducers are designed multifunctional. This reduces the diversity of types while extending application capabilities. Thanks to microprocessors, almost any measuring range is representable including customer-specific specifications. Via DIP switches, multi-range switchings, response times, units, automatic mode, and manual calibrations can be preset. The devices are tested according to most recent criteria. Each sensor is precisely readjustable via offset potentiometers. Quality “Made in Germany”. Multifunctional devices Broad spectrum, highest quality, best conditions....

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MAD E I N G E RM A N Y Pressure sensors Temperature compensating and long-term stable, with multi-range switching (8 ranges adjustable), accuracies ± 1.5 % or ± 3 %, response time adjustment, with zero point button, illuminated display with indication of units, optional with relay, as pressure or volume flow sensor. Wireless radio sensors With EnOcean technology, bidirectional, with extra large solar cell, latest antenna technology for range of coverage im provement, Dolphin technology. Temperature sensors, active 8 temperature ranges selectable as a standard, optionally any other range...

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