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Precision You Can Feel – and Patented Product piracy is much in trend, and counterfeits are by no means just of Far East origin. So what is your benefit if you buy precision sensors from S+S? Can’t similar products be had from another supplier? The crucial question is, how high do you value your investment safety and your total cost of ownership. At S+S, you receive sensor technology created in-house from the very first concept to delivery, including engineering, circuitry layout, manufacturing and final function testing of each individual device. The extent of our vertical integration is...

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New from S+S – Our Extended Modbus Program >> CO2 >> CO2 + humidity >> CO2 + humidity + mixed gases (VOC) >> CO2 + mixed gases (VOC) >> CO2 + mixed gases (VOC) + humidity + temperature + writeable display Your benefits: Parallel retrieval of the following measuring values:  CO2, mixed gases, temperature, dew point, relative humidity, absolute humidity, mixed ratio, enthalpy

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MODBUS-COMPATIBLE MEASURING TRANSDUCERS ⁄ SENSORS Cable sensors, surface-contact sensors, outdoor sensors HFTM Sleeve sensor with measuring transducer  Room sensors, room control units Room control unit for room automation RYMASKON ® RFTF - Modbus - xx Room control units, on-wall RTM1 - Modbus Room temperature sensor RPTM 1 - Modbus Pendulum room temperature sensor RPTM 2 - Modbus Pendulum room temperature sensor Temperature sensors HFTM - Modbus Sleeve sensor ALTM 1 - Modbus Surface-contact temperature measuring transducer ALTM 2 - Modbus Surface-contact temperature measuring transducer...

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PRESSURE SENSORS PRESSURE CONTROLLERS ⁄ SWITCHES for gaseous media PREMASGARD ® 7110 Pressure measuring transducer (mbar  ⁄ Pa) PREMASGARD ® 1110 Pressure measuring transducer (mbar  ⁄ Pa) PREMASGARD ® 1140 Pressure measuring transducer (mbar  ⁄ Pa) PREMASREG ® 7111 Pressure measuring transducer / switch (mbar  ⁄ Pa) PREMASREG ® 1141 Pressure measuring transducer / switch (mbar  ⁄ Pa) ALD Measuring transducer atmospheric pressure (mbar) DS 1  ⁄ DS 2 Differential pressure switch (mbar  ⁄ Pa) for volume flow PREMASGARD ® 1161 Volume flow measuring transducer (mbar  ⁄ Pa) PREMASREG ® 7161...

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Connection nipple Pressure outlet Mounting bracket, sheet steel Welding protection sleeve Capillary tube gland bracket Mounting flanges Mounting flanges Mounting flanges Mounting brackets Y-adapter for cable gland Immersion sleeve adapter Immersion sleeves Immersion sleeves Immersion sleeves Immersion sleeves

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With a Passion for Innovation Innovation means to stay ahead – both in technology and in quality. This is how we back up your investment in our products. Developed with a passion for reliability and precision. German art of engineering that inspires. Take a tour and discover why!

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New Products 3 for a Comfy Climate Make a note of this trio – AERASGARD ® RCO 2  -, ACO 2  - and KCO 2 - Modbus from S+S Regeltechnik. Precision solutions for networked monitoring and control of room climate quality. Available as duct, outdoor or room devices with digital sensors for precise measurement of ambient humidity, temperature, CO2 concentration and air quality. In addition, our innovative four-wire Modbus communication technology permits to retrieve all these data in parallel. AERASGARD ®  RCO 2 - Modbus >> multifunctional room device or measuring transducer for humidity,...

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> multifunctional on-wall device or measuring transducer for humidity, temperature, CO2 level and air quality > calibratable > rugged housing > push-in terminals > extra-large, illuminated fold-out display > multifunctional duct device or measuring transducer for humidity, temperature, CO2 level and air quality, including mounting flange > up to 9 measuring variables in parallel > calibratable on site > fast response > high-precision measuring technology > with pressure compensation Multi-channel design with gas entry holes

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New Products Humidity? We’ll Take Care of It! In 2017, S+S Regeltechnik is complementing its successful HYGRASREG ® range with three new hygrothermostat models – RHT-30, AHT-30 and KHT-30. Our reliable humidity and temperature sensors score in facility automation or in cleanrooms with an accuracy of 3 % RH. Your best choice beyond doubt! Setting options: Mode 1: Both switching steps adjustable as required (RH) Mode 2: 5 % between both switching steps (RH) Mode 3: Both switching steps adjustable as required (temperature) Mode 4: Switching step 1 (temperature), switching step 2 (RH)...

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> electronic on-wall hygrostat and/or thermostat (two-step] > rugged industry design > high precision > extra-large, illuminated fold-out display Metal sintered filter (optional) > duct hygro-thermostat or humidity and temperature sensor (two-step), including mounting flange > extra-large display with indication of switching status > calibratable, premium quality > Switching points freely configurable FGHLBARE PRAZISION I S+SREGELTECHNIK 013

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Solutions Added Value with System S+S defines itself as a flexible and innovative partner for your requirements in measurement and control technology. From the patented enclosure design to open system or customer-specific solutions – we provide the highest level of added value and security of investment. High-performance measurement and control technology helps to save energy and meet strict regulations, such as the German energy efficiency certificate for buildings. To these ends, the bus capability of devices has moved to the fore. We are determined to further strengthen our role as...

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