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Experts in Bearing Solutions General Catalog Catálogo General General Catalog Experts in Bearing Solutions Calle Bari, 18 - PLAZA 50197 Zaragoza - Spain T_ +34 976 333 850 catálogo general portadas 2013 .indd 1

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Experts in Bearing Solutions General Catalog Catálogo General 00 presentación empresa .indd 1

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Introduction Introducción At Fersa we are able to improve every day as we grow in partnership with our customers thanks to the trust they have deposited on us. En Fersa, mejoramos día a día gracias a nuestros clientes, gozando de su conanza para crecer a su lado. Innovation, support and experience are the underlying forces that guarantee the quality of our bearings and of our service; but it is a passion for quality that drives Fersa towards seeking new challenges for constant improvement and customer satisfaction. La innovación, asistencia y nuestra experiencia son nuestros principales...

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Nomenclatures Nomenclaturas Nomenclatures / Nomenclaturas Z Shields at both sides Rubbing seal at one side Tapa retén en una cara Rubbing seals at both sides Tapa retén en una cara Machined brass cage Snap ring groove in outer ring Ranura y anillo elástico en aro exterior Snap ring groove and snap ring in outer ring Ranura y anillo elástico y arandela de seguridad en aro exterior Internal clearance greater than normal Juego radial mayor que el normal The contents of this publication are the copyright of Fersa Bearings and may not be reproduced (even extracts) unless prior written permission...

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Introducion tecnica Single row tapered roller Pearings / 76 Rodamientos de rodillos conicos Double row tapered roller Pearings / 164 Rodamientos conicos de doble hilera Thrust tapered roller Pearings / 172 Rodamientos axiales conicos Deep groove ball Pearings / 180 Rodamientos radiales de bolas Angular contact ball bearings / 210 Rodamientos de bolas de contacto angular Thrust ball bearings / 232 Rodamientos axiales de bolas Cylindrical roller bearings / 244 Rodamientos cilindricos Commercial vehicle bearings / 260 Rodamientos para vehiculo industrial

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Fersa Bearings is a European manufacturer of bearings driven by the search of excellence in order to guarantee premium quality in all Fersa products and services. Fersa Bearings es un fabricante europeo de rodamientos orientado a la excelencia para garantizar la calidad Premium en todos los rodamientos Fersa. Fersa started operations in 1968 and has grown to be a global company with manufacturing and distribution centers worldwide from where we are able to provide the seamless customer service that our customers have come to know us for. Fersa empezó la fabricación en 1968 y se ha...

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Fersa Bearings designs, manufactures and distributes standard and advanced bearings for almost every type of application in the automotive, heavy vehicle, industrial and agriculture markets. All of the company’s main processes directly related to product development, such as design, product engineering, as well as supplier quality assurance, and supply chain management are carried out at our central headquarters, located in Zaragoza, Spain. 00 presentación empresa .indd 8 Fersa Bearings diseña, fabrica y comercializa rodamientos estándar y especiales que cubren la mayor parte de las...

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Manufacturing processes Proceso de fabricación The quality of our manufacturing processes has been recognized by the major automotive and heavy vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers. These recognitions have been the driving force in all our continuous improvement plans. The investments made in our production centers have increased not only our production capacity but also helped us introduce world class quality manufacturing lines that help us guarantee the highest bearing quality standards while reinforcing our exibility in adapting to our customers individual needs. 00 presentación...

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Quality and innovation Calidad e innovación All our in-house processes such as prototyping, bearing design, and manufacturing production process, as well as all processes at our suppliers are subject to our strict testing processes. It is here were a major part of our investments in quality have gone during the last few years. Fersa’s commitment to innovation is one of the mainstays of its success. The evolution of our product line depth, large investments in R&D and a strong collaboration with world leading technical institutes together with our manufacturing experience, has allowed us to...

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Global footprint Presencia global We are present in more than 60 countries in the ve continents thanks to the dedication of the entire Fersa team over the last 45 years, a key contributing element to this globalization process has been the role of our distributors. The constant support we receive from our customers makes us one of the leading brands of bearings suppliers worldwide. 00 presentación empresa .indd 11 Actualmente estamos presentes en los cinco continentes gracias al esfuerzo y la dedicación de todo el equipo Fersa, en el que nuestros distribuidores han sido un factor clave para...

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Technical warranty Garantía técnica Fersa, as a manufacturer of high quality products, guarantees compliance with the highest standards relative to the use of the best steel quality in the production process, the highest standards in the design of contact surfaces, as well as the most efcient packaging and lubrication of parts. Como fabricante de productos de alta calidad, Fersa asegura el cumplimiento de los estándares más exigentes en cuanto a la utilización de los mejores aceros en el proceso productivo, en el diseño estándar de las supercies de contacto así como en el correcto...

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