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IntelliTEAM SG ? Automatic Restoration System

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IntelliTEAM SG™ Automatic Restoration System Featuring IntelliTEAM SG Designer

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A field-proven Smart Grid solution that needs no central processing, SCADA, or large-scale communication structure. Now with even-faster self-healing response IntelliTEAM SG™ Automatic Restoration System Introduced in 1997, S&C’s IntelliTEAM® Automatic Restoration System was the first product of its kind. Using peer-to-peer communication with distributed intelligence, IntelliTEAM tracks system conditions and quickly initiates service restoration. IntelliTEAM was way ahead of its time. In 2003, S&C expanded IntelliTEAM capabilities with IntelliTEAM II® . . . an order of magnitude more...

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Maximizes the efficiency of your system Restoration capacity is based on real-time loading and actual feeder capacity, not often-outdated historical loading data. Your circuits can be routinely loaded higher . . . IntelliTEAM SG prevents overloading during restoration. The excess capacity of adjacent sources is used to restore service to unfaulted segments, helping defer the need for system upgrades and allowing you to tie circuits that traditional planning criteria wouldn’t permit. Any RTU or SCADA device using DNP 3.0 can be employed to monitor feeder loading at the breaker, and...

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IntelliTEAM SG is exceptionally easy to configure, thanks to IntelliTEAM SG Designer. If you can draw a single-line diagram of your distribution system, you can configure IntelliTEAM SG . Your diagram automatically populates IntelliTEAM SG settings! After you've drawn the diagram of your system, "Validate" checks your work and automatically updates the configuration for each device in

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IntelliTEAM SG Designer also includes "Component Explorer". . . a unique feature that lets you zoom into a section of the diagram, and move from section to section, to a particular device you want to see. Diagram size and complexity are not * Component Explorer Component Explorer. Click "+" to expand the list for a particular type of device. Then click the ID of the device you want to see. Component Explorer will automatically place that device in the center of the screen. When you select a device with Component Explorer, key attributes of the device are populated in the "Visual Properties"...

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By following this simple procedure, you can create device configurations for even the most complex 1. Launch IntelliTEAM SG Designer or create a new file from the file menu. 3. Place the wire connection points. 4. Lay the wires between sources.

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5. Place switches on the wires. 7. Run “Validate” to automatically generate field associations and populate the default team settings. 8. Change default team settings, such as loading constraints, to match your actual requirements. 9. Change the default names of the devices to names appropriate for your system. If desired, add labels, images, and/or graphics to customize the look of your diagram. 10. Save your work. 6. Establish the normal state of each switch and set the sensor locations. Now all you need to do is load the settings into your team devices. IntelliTEAM SG Designer makes that...

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Rapid Self-Healing This feature of IntelliTEAM SG—when enabled—can significantly decrease the self-healing response time by minimizing the number of switching operations. If a fault occurs and there's sufficient capacity in a single source, IntelliTEAM SG will use Rapid Self- Healing, opening all switches surrounding the faulted team, then closing one switch to restore service to as many outaged sections as possible using that source. If there isn't sufficient capacity in a single source, IntelliTEAM SG will instead use Expert Self-Healing to restore service to as many outaged sections as...

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Site Automation Testing When high-speed communication devices such as S&C SpeedNet™ Radios or fiber-optics are utilized, any number of IntelliRupter PulseClosers can share the same protection curve. Coordination is assured. Communication Enhanced Coordination shifts each IntelliRupter upstream of a fault to a slower protection curve. The devices respond to the curveshifting message in 100 ms or less . . . so only the IntelliRupter closest to the fault opens. This unique feature provides better circuit segmentation than any other means now available. Customers will experience a significant...

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NEW In-Field Instant Replay Piecing together event log files to analyze what happened is difficult and time consuming, especially when multiple field devices are involved. IntelliTEAM Designer greatly simplifies the process. With In-Field Instant Replay, IntelliTEAM Designer collects the event logs from the affected field devices and compiles them in a single comprehensive record. The multi-device event log can be played back on the single-line diagram that was used to configure IntelliTEAM SG. IntelliTEAM Designer provides complete control over the playback. You can view it in real time,...

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