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Series 4600 HSC

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Horizontal Split Case Pump

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Armstrong takes you back to the future with the Series 4600 Horizontal Split Case (HSC) Pump for HVAC and industrial applications. The Series 4600, drawing on over 100 years of pump design expertise and leadership, is the state of the art in HSC pumps. It meets or exceeds the requirements of its intended market applications. This Family of pumps capitalize on the “Tilted Parting” concept to minimize turbulence at the eye of the impeller by its straight laminar approach, thus maximizing efficiency. This also results in the lowest profile and minimum floor space of any HSC pump on the market...

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Series 4600 - Horizontal Split Case Cartridge Mechanical Seal ► Cartridge Style Mechanical Seal Mechanical seal and seal plate are mounted on the shaft sleeve, as a single cartridge-style assembly. ► Service With Ease The one piece cartridge assembly is easily removed for service. The replacement assembly may be installed, just as easily, with no special seal adjustments necessary. Standard mechanical seal is an industry standard design and readily available at local seal supply houses. ► Greater Temperature and Pressure Parameters Various types of mechanical seals and packed glands are...

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Typical Specifications 1.0 Pumps – Horizontal Split Case, Centrifugal Provide Armstrong Horizontal Split Case pumps, single stage, double suction type, with pump characteristics which provide rising heads to shut off. Motor Horsepower ratings shown on the schedule are minimum acceptable and have been sized for continuous operation without exceeding full load nameplate rating over the entire pump curve, exclusive of motor service factor. Refer to pump schedules for pump flows, heads, motor speed, enclosure, efficiency and power requirements. Pumps shall be Armstrong Series 4600 Horizontal...

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