Series 4300 Split Coupled Vertical In-Line - 6 Pages

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Series 4300 Split Coupled Vertical In-Line

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Split Coupled Vertical In-Line Pumps

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Best Commercial HVAC Pump Design Available Since 1969 Life Cycle Value at Every Turn: INSTALLATION Vertical In-Line pumps, being integral components of the pipework, eliminate need for inertia bases, inertia base springs, flexible pipe connectors, field grouting and alignment. Pipe hangers sized for the weight of pump, piping and fittings are the only supports required. Pipe stools, with vibration isolating pads, may be installed under each pipe leg. SPACE SAVING Greatest floor space savings result when Vertical In-Line pumps are installed with Armstrong Suction Guides and Flo-Trex valves....

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Design Features Single Suction Industry standard motor designed for Vertical In-Line operation. Heavy cylindrical bracket with 360° register on each flange provides a rigid union of pump and motor. Motor shaft run-out limited to 0.001” (0.025 mm) TIR (Total Indicator Reading). Axially split, spacer type rigid coupling permits seal maintenance without disturbing pump or motor. Lightweight high tensile aluminum, precision bored and designed to reduce bearing load. Shaft deflection at mechanical seal limited to 0.002” (0.05 mm) TIR. Radially split volute with equal suction and discharge flange...

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Split Coupled Vertical In-Line Pumps Material Construction Legend AB AI BF DI DBF AL BZ - All Bronze - All Iron - Iron Body, Bronze Fitted - Ductile Iron - Ductile Iron, Bronze Fitted - High Tensile Aluminum Bar - Cast Bronze ASTM B584 grade C84400 - Cast Iron ASTM A48 class 30 - Cast Ductile Iron ASTM A536 grade 65-45-12 F - Fiber N - Neoprene S - Steel BR-1 - Hard brass tubing ASTMB111 BR-2 - Brass Bar ASTM B16 SS-2 - Stainless Steel ASTM F593 Alloy group 2 SS-3 - Stainless Steel ASTM A276 type 303 SS-5 - Stainless Steel ASTM A276 type 316 SS-6 - Stainless Steel ASTM A276 type 416 Dr....

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Split Coupled The axially split, spacer type rigid coupling permits seal maintenance without disturbing the pump or motor connections. The mechanical seal is accessible and easily replaced. (Outside multi-spring balanced mechanical seal is illustrated). 1) Split coupling with outside seal. Axially split coupling shown with coupling guard removed. Coupling bolts are still in place. Rotating element of seal is seen below the coupling, above gland plate. 2) Remove the coupling bolts. The coupling halves (with drive and annular positioning keys) are taken from motor and pump shafts. Loosen set...

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Provide Vertical In-Line (VIL) pumps, single stage, single or double suction type, with pump characteristics which provide rising heads to shut off. Refer to pump schedule for pump flows and heads and motor speed, enclosure, efficiency and power requirements and other system conditions. Provide Armstrong Series 4300 split-coupled type VIL units, with rigid spacer type coupling. Pump Construction: Pump Casing - Cast Iron with 125 psig ANSI/PN16 flanges for working pressure below 175 psig (12 bar) at 150°F (65°C) and Ductile Iron with 250 psig ANSI/PN25 flanges for working pressures to 375...

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