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Variable speed pumping, in variable flow systems, results in significant energy cost reductions when compared to constant speed pumping.Actual cost reductions realized by an Armstrong IPS varieswith operation energy factors such as: cost of electricity, sizeand complexity of the piping distribution system, system loadsensor location and building load profile. The number ofpumps operating and motor sizes are also important factors.Power costs for pumps operating at reduced speed, or reducedflow, are significantly lower than at full speed. The greater thespeed reduction, the greater the power...

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Integrated Pumping Systems - 5

The Armstrong Integrated Pumping System (IPS) provides a meansof automatically ensuring delivery of required pumping capacity to match key building loads, while maintaining pumping energy costs at a minimum.Using system load detectors, such as differential pressure sensors,at one or more remote load locations, the IPS detects where adeficiency in flow is occurring and adjusts the flow rate to match therequirement, by adjusting the pump speed.The pump speed can be lowered, to reduce flow, when thedifferential pressure is above that required at all locations. TheArmstrong IPS continuously and...

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