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Circuit Balancing Valves

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Balancing Basics Circuit balancing valves (CBVs) have been used for many years as an effective means of ensuring occupant comfort in buildings. Heating and chilled water systems are designed to deliver the correct amount of heated or chilled fluid to every part of a building’s HVAC system. However, this ‘design flow’ is frequently not achieved without the use of balancing valves. CBVs are installed in heating and cooling systems to obtain the design flow rates through each circuit in the building. Using the mechanical engineer’s design drawings, the balancing contractor carefully adjusts...

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- 12” Circuit Balancing Valves Why Choose Armstrong Balancing Valves? For decades, Armstrong has been supplying top-quality balancing valves to the global HVAC industry. Our designs have always incorporated a multi-turn, ‘Y’ pattern, globe-style valve. Simply put, we provide the best valve design for optimizing both balancing control and Cv. For applications ranging from 1 2" to 12" sizes, Armstrong CBVs have been used reliably in tens of thousands of / installations around the world. Our industry-leading design innovations have made Armstrong CBVs a trusted brand of balancing valves for...

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Armstrong 1 2" – 2" Circuit Balancing Valves / Accurate and Fast Balancing The patent-pending design of Armstrong’s venturi style balancing valves produces significantly higher balancing accuracy than with conventional balancing valves. Outstanding accuracy of P measurement – from a minimum of 97% in the fully open position to 95% at nearly closed (1 2 turn open). Dramatically higher than the 84% published for competitive valves. / The process of balancing is faster and easier. Since P is measured across the valve’s fixed orifice (venturi), flow rate through the valve is directly...

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A CBV to Meet EVERYONE’s Criteria Engineers High performance, full featured Armstrong circuit balancing valves can be specified with confidence by engineers. Optimum balance of control and Cv ensures the engineer’s design intent is met with a minimum of energy consumption. The stable signal achieved with Armstrong valves ensures that valves can be accurately balanced even at low valve openings. Building Owners More accurate balancing with Armstrong CBVs helps ensure that correct flow rates are achieved in each circuit, resulting in greater occupant comfort and improved tenant satisfaction....

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Armstrong 21 2" – 12" Cast Iron Balancing Valves / Features and Benefits CBV-G (Straight) and CBV-A (Angle): sizes 21 2" – 12" / Innovative Convertible Design Armstrong 21 2" through 12" CBV’s are furnished in either angled or straight patterns, and can be conveniently changed to / either configuration at the site using standard tools and without any additional parts. This is possible because the innovative valve body has been split on a 45° angle, and is secured by four body bolts. Rotating one half of the body 180° produces a 90° change in flow direction. All Armstrong valves in this size...

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Armstrong has a wide range of accessories to complement our selection of balancing valves. ► Easy insertion of measurement programs. ► Quick-closing rubber seals. ► Provide convenient access to pressure measurement where wrapped pipe insulation is used. Armstrong Flange Adapter ► Equipped with unique anti-rotation lugs to ensure a rigid flanged valve installation. EPDM Flange Adapter Gasket Armstrong Ductile Iron Flange Apater ► DPM-15 - differential pressure meter [0 - 15 psi (0 - 100 kPa)]. ► DPM-100 - differential pressure meter [0 - 100 psi (0 - 700 kPa)]. Orifice Plates ► 21/2" to 24"...

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Typical Specifications for Armstrong 1 2" – 2" Valves / Furnish and install, as shown on plans and in accordance to manufacturer’s installation instructions, Armstrong Circuit Balancing Valves. Valves are to be of the ‘Y’ pattern, equal percentage globe-style and provide three functions: 1) Precise flow measurement, 2) Precision flow balancing, 3) Positive drip-tight shut-off. Valve shall provide multi-turn, 360° adjustment with micrometer type indicators located on the valve handwheel. Valves shall have a minimum of five full 360° handwheel turns. 90° ‘circuit-setter’ style ball valves are...

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