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Kingpinless Casters are Essential in Many Production Operations RWM Casters Co. is the originator of the Kingpinless caster, the most emulated caster in the industry. RWM’s unique design adds more mass at key points. This, in addition to more thorough heat treatment, provides additional strength that combats core material brinelling. Superior strength means superior performance and RWM’s patented swivel section provides the strength to build longer swivel leads that function flawlessly, even at high speeds, without shimmy. Being the original isn’t always easy. RWM has dedicated countless hours of research, development, testing and improvement to ensure the highest quality products our competitors can’t match. Features & Benefits Case-hardened bearing raceway vs. through-hardened raceway. Case hardening strengthens the steel’s outermost layer for superior toughness and long-wear characteristics while leaving the inner steel core elastic and strong; better to handle jarring vibrations from heavy loads. Through-hardening is more brittle in comparison and prone to cracking over extended periods of abuse. Off-set precision-machined raceway design: reduces raceway wear, improves swivel action, reduces maintenance and provides longer service life. Two welds around inner race. RWM’s welds penetrate deeply to form a durable bond, not to mention we weld the inside and outside of all our swivel raceways providing twice the durability. Inside welds are also found on our legs for added strength. Smooth Edges from our de-burring process and rounded corners on many series add safety and damage control. Our processes insure a great performing, good looking, quality product that will serve you for years to come. Thicker leg and top material. Combine RWM’s thicker cold-formed steel leg and plasma cut top plate with RWM’s superior raceway design and you can expect even less downtime due to caster malfunction. This combination of strength allows our product to carry up to 60% larger loads easier and safer than the competition. RWM’s press fit plug stays securely in place. Better than screw-type plugs. Vibration can back them out causing caster failure and factory floor litter that can disrupt production, endanger valuable goods and impact safety. When you reputation’s riding on it, specify RWM. Contact your nearest RWM distributor today! The Originator and Recognized Market Leader of Kingpinless Casters All RWM Kingpinless casters are made in the U.S.A. Over 60 years of quality caster manufacturing experience. Our Kingpinless casters trace back to1981with our caster experience dating as far back as 1947! Visit 1225 Isley Drive Gastonia, NC 28052 1-800-634-7704 •

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