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Handtrucks & Carts Brochure - 2

DELIVERY TRUCKS Our new Titan Bulk Delivery Truck saves time, space and money for all route delivery companies. The Titan BDT offers maximum maneuverability, zero turning radius and has a 1200 pound capacity. Heavy duty aluminum welded construction adds superior Solid integrated deck Eliminates picking at delivery site Reduces driver fatigue Decreases check-in time Less product handling warehouse picking and pricing Reduces storage space Aluminum is lighter than similar steel trucks ana will not rust Deck Size Easy Storage Non-marking Wheels Shipping Weight Nylon Cover Rigid Brake Powder...

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Handtrucks & Carts Brochure - 3

TITAN with Optional UHMW Deck Plate

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Handtrucks & Carts Brochure - 4

FIXED ALUMINUM HAND TRUCKS Build a Custom Hand Truck Please order the trucks in this order: Frame, Handle, Nose Plate, Wheels, Stair Glides, Nose Extension, Frame Extension, Brake, Accessory Bag, Logo Strips. • Stress resistant frames with maximum shock absorption • Ergonomic design reduces operator strain Cast Aluminum Cast aluminum nose plate is 13" wide x 7.5" deep, with a recessed heel. This plate is for the SlimLine Truck™ only. Cast Aluminum Cast aluminum nose plate is with a recessed heel. Cast Aluminum Cast aluminum nose plate is with a recessed heel. Extruded Aluminum Industrial...

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Handtrucks & Carts Brochure - 5

'Wheel capacity ratings do not reflect hand truck ratings. Maximum hauling weight for hand truck frame and nose plate is 500 lbs. Personalized Logo Strips Personalized logo strips can be added to the sides of the hand truck. Permanent, all weather durable plastic strips promote your company and help prevent theft. Contact factory for details.

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Handtrucks & Carts Brochure - 6

CONVERTIBLE ALUMINUM HAND TRUCKS Build a Custom Hand Truck Please order the trucks in this order: Frame, Nose Plate, Wheels, Stair Glides (available on large convertibles only), Nose Extensions, Brake, Logo Strips. l 500 pound capacity as a hand truck l 1,000 pound capacity as a platform truck l 2-in-1 hand truck easily converts from a hand truck to a platform truck NOSE PLATES FRAMES CONVERTIBLE ALUMINUM HAND TRUCKS Example: HC1-CA2-SF1-S1-N2-B3(2) 6 MODEL l Easy release mechanism operates smoothly and quickly l Strong, light-weight frames l Extremely durable and long lasting DESCRIPTION...

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Handtrucks & Carts Brochure - 7

DESCRIPTION Full Pneumatic 4-ply 10” A great general-purpose wheel with a 4 ply, 2-piece hub, zerk fitting, and ball bearings. Capacity is 350 lbs. per wheel.* Weighs 4.50 lbs. SW2 Signature Wheel 10” A lightweight, strong offset nylon core with high strength non-marking elastomeric rubber tread. The round tread provides easy rolling. This wheel comes with sealed ball bearings. Capacity is 800 lbs. per wheel.* Weighs 3 lbs. S1 N1 DESCRIPTION Standard Stair Glides The cast aluminum stair glides have low-friction acetal skid bars. They are great for easy moving on stairs and over curbs....

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Handtrucks & Carts Brochure - 8

HANDI CARTS MINI HANDI CART FW-90S Capacity Weight Wheels Toe Plate Unfolded Collapsed Handle 130 lbs. 7.0 lbs. 4” non-marking 10” deep 39”H x 14.5”W x 16”L 24”H x 14.5”W x 1.5”L Two adjustable heights: 35” & 39” The Mini Handi Cart has three vertical handle positions and comes standard with a bungee cord. The wheels and baseplate fold flat for easy storage. LARGE HANDI CART FW-90B Capacity Weight Wheels Toe Plate Unfolded Collapsed Handle 200 lbs. 13 lbs. 6” non-marking 9.75” deep 38”H x 18.5”W x 17”L 28”H x 18.5”W x 2”L Extended height: 38” HANDI CARTS The Large Handi Cart handle will...

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Handtrucks & Carts Brochure - 9

NEW! BLUE MAXI HANDI CART FW-90C Capacity Weight Wheels Toe Plate Unfolded Collapsed Handle 275 lbs. 11.5 lbs. 7” non-marking 13.25” deep x 19” wide 42.5”H x 19”W x 13.5”L 31”H x 18.5”W x 2.5”L Extended height: 38” The Blue Maxi Handi Cart folds flat in seconds with the push of a button. The wheels and baseplate collapse flat for easy storage. This cart comes standard with a bungee cord. NEW! LIGHTWEIGHT FOLDING HANDI CART FW-95 220 lbs. 15 lbs. 6” solid rubber 9” deep x 14” wide 15.5”H x 16.5”D x 43.5”H 15.5”H x 8”D x 29”H Extended height: 43.5” Lightweight aluminum cart features...

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Handtrucks & Carts Brochure - 10

PLATFORM TRUCKS STEEL FOLDING HANDLE PLATFORM TRUCKS PT-SS-L AND PT-SS-S l Move supplies, files, office equipment, tools, samples or electronics l Great for airports, delivery personnel, sales people, re-stocking, mailrooms, general office use and computer rooms l Steers easily with hard rubber casters – two rigid and two swivel l Vinyl perimeter bumper protects walls, doors and furniture PT-SS-S l Ships partially assembled Model #: PT-SS-L Model #: PT-SS-S 660 lbs. 23.3” 35.2” 39.4” 42 lbs. 5” 330 lbs. 18.3” 28” 32.0” 25 lbs. 4” Load Capacity Width Length Height Weight Wheel Diameter...

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Handtrucks & Carts Brochure - 11

Our New Curb Ramp is the perfect solution for product delivery! This co-polymer high impact plastic curb ramp can withstand the impact of up to 650 lbs. CURB RAMP HAND TRUCK CURB RAMP • Incredibly strong and durable • Diamond tread non-skid surface keeps ramp in place • Only plastic curb ramp with a less than 1% failure rate • Hangs on most hand trucks • Helps prevent lower back injuries • Lower workers compensation claims • 21.5” wide x 23.5” long x 6” high, weighs 7 lbs. • Increased driver satisfaction (the average beverage delivery person delivers an average of 9750 pounds per day)...

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Handtrucks & Carts Brochure - 12

View More Quality RWM Products 1225 Isley liond * Gaslaaia, HC 2805? Phone: 1-800-634-7704 exl. 31? or 31-1 Fax: 800-253-6634 www.rwmtaileri.tom Quality products an time. RWM (osiers. The value added supplier. Limited Warranty ftWW products are warranted for a period of ane year from the data of mnnuloctuie against defective materials aad workmanship la no even I shall Ihe seller be liable for any loss or damage arising direclly or indrreclly from ihe jse of the product ei lor tonsaqiientiel ar inconsequenlial damages. Except far Ihe limiled warranty described, we mate ao expiessed warranty...

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