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RWM Casters Company is pleased to announce the addition of two great options to our product line. Electropolishing adds that finishing touch, additional corrosion & microbe resistance to our stainless caster line while High Temperature Paint keeps cool even at 850°F on our kingpinless caster line. Simply add an "-EP" or "-HTP" to the end of the product you wish to order these options on. You'll find details below on these new offerings: Electropolishing (EP) stainless 65 and stainless 75 series casters. This chemical process removes material and imperfections from the surface through the use of electrical current in a special chemical solution. This both smoothes and passivates the surface which reduces potential corrosion buildup due to foreign debris, bacteria growth and increases the chromium content of the surface providing further chemical resistance and a great polished finish. Excellent for medical or food processing applications. High Temperature Paint (HTP), available on all our kingpinless caster products, provides excellent heat protection up to 850°F. In addition to this extra heat protection, our high temperature paint is also more resilient against corrosion than typical paints. This paint is available in several colors and air cures in a matter of days and once cured does not off gas. Excellent in any high temperature application where standard finishes can't handle the heat! Best of all, RWM Kingpinless casters including the S65/S75 as well as these options are produced right here in the U.S.A.! Check our website or contact customer service at 1-800-634-7704 for more information. RWM Casters Co. P.O.Box 668 1225 Isley Road Gastonia, NC 28053

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