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When it comes to the automotive industry, efficiency and productivity are key. Keeping assembly lines running and minimizing downtime due to caster and wheel repair or replacement can vastly improve plant efficiency, productivity and ultimately your bottom line. RWM Casters has many casters and wheels designed and tested exclusively with the automotive industry in mind. Our products are proven to take more abuse and outperform the competition and still provide the optimum performance for heavy duty industrial automotive industry. This means they are the most ergonomic products on the...

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THE GT WHEEL The GT Wheel by RWM Casters is the smoothest and easiest rolling wheel. It can handle heavy loads, traverse both smooth and rough floors and is entirely maintenance free. This makes it a great ergonomic choice and eliminates time spent on required maintenance of an inferior product. THE OMEGA WHEEL If you are looking for a wheel that rolls along silently, then you have found it in the Omega Wheel. It can carry loads up to 2,000 pounds and its unique web/spoke design can absorb shock. It is able to compress in a localized area, protecting floors and traversing obstacles. Due to...

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THE URETHANE ON IRON (UI) WHEEL The UI Wheel can move very heavy loads. Although not as ergonomic as the GT or Torus Wheels, this wheel has worthy traits of its own. It provides outstanding abrasion resistance and is resistant to most chemicals, grease, oils and water. Due to its urethane tread, it also rolls along smoothly and quietly while protecting floors. Axle Diameter Straight Roller Bearing Ball Bearing Tapered Roller Bearing THE TORUS WHEEL™ The Torus Wheel™ is the hybrid of wheels in the automotive caster industry. It travels smoothly and effortlessly across the floor. It has...

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AUTOMOTIVE WHEELS RWM specializes in solutions for demanding automotive and ergonomic industrial applications. In addition to our Torus and Ergo GT wheels these wheels are used for towlines and cellular work areas throughout the industry. These wheels offer a quieter alternative with additional polyurethane material for superior ride quality, service life and sound dampening. These can be utilized on rigid casters to prevent sliding at higher speeds around sharp corners and pair well with Torus wheels on the swivel casters to keep push/pull to a minimum. Contact RWM today for help with the...

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ENGINEERED TO OUTPERFORM 1225 IsLey Drive • Gastonia, NC 28053 Phone: 1-800-634-7704 • Fax: 1-800-253-6634

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