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Tipper - 1

Discharge options Electropneumatic valve for DS 1...- silo units, vacuum-tight Tubular throttle valve with pneumatic drive, vacuum-tight under certain conditions Tubular throttle valve without seal, nonvacuum-tight Bagging connections with bag buckle Electric double pendulum valve, vacuum-tight under certain conditions Electric rotary feeder, vacuum-tight under certain conditions Hose connection Pneumatic valve for dust-free drainage in silo units web: www.ruwac.de e-mail: ruwac@ruwac.de Weighted valve for DS 1... and DS 2...- silo units, vacuum-tight Tubular throttle valve with seal, vacuum-tight under certain conditions Preseparators and Disposal Systems

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Tipper - 2

Customised preseparators and disposal systems When positioned between the suction point and suction unit, preseparators deposit all sorts of vacuumed materials, thus relieving the filter. Whether the material is dry, damp or wet, it will be gathered or separated, disposed of or recycled in the most diverse customised preseparators or disposal systems. Tipping container Preseparator barrels, galvanized, 35, 50, 110, 200 litres, with lid Trolley with tipping mechanism Preseparator barrels, V2A, 70, 100, 200 litres, with cover DS 2... (and WS 3...) with various disposal systems Industrial...

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