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X-P USB GENERAL X-PLUS B are ministep bipolar stepping drives with power input directly from the main AC supply. X-PLUS B drives are housed in a metallic box, 152 x 129 x 46 mm format, suitable for wall mounting. They can be connected directly to the main AC supply (110 to 230 Vac) normally avoiding the need for a transformer. The wide supply range eases the use of this drive in diffrent applications and countries. They do not need external fans: accordingly, they are idal both for mounting inside a metallic electrical cabinet and for stand-alone applications. The ministep op驩ration, connected with a further electronic rsonance damping facility, ensures low acoustic noise and a reduced amount of motor mechanical vibrations. Optically insulated and differential input/output signais ease interfacing with the most commonly used control Systems and ensure high noise immunity. ONE OF THE MOST COMPACT DRIVES WITH POWER INPUT DIRECTLY FROM THE MAIN AC SUPPLY \ (MO- 230 VAC) y

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