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Thermocouple Cable Selection Guide - 14 Pages

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Thermocouple Cable Selection Guide

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Thermocouple & PRT Cable Selection Guide (UK) (International)

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Thermocouple Thermometry - At a Glance SELECTING SENSOR CABLES: GUIDE TO INSULATION & COVERING Which insulation Material? Screened or unscreened? With long cable runs, the cable may need to be screened and earthed at one end (at the instrument) to minimise noise pick-up (interference) on the measuring circuit. Alternative types of screened cable construction are available and these include the use of copper or mylar screening. Twisted pair configurations are offered and these can incorporate screening as required. Tolerance classes for thermocouples to IEC 60584-1 Fe-Con (J)    Class 1    -...

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PLATINUM RESISTANCE THERMOMETRY - AT A GLANCE PRACTICAL BRIDGE CIRCUITS FOR 2, 3 AND 4 WIRE THERMOMETERS The connection between the thermometer assembly and the instrumentation. The cabling introduces electrical resistance which is placed in series with the resistance thermometer. The two resistances are therefore cumulative and could be interpreted as an increased temperature if the lead resistance is not allowed for. The longer and/or the smaller the diameter of the cable, the greater the lead resistance will be and the measurement errors could be appreciable. In the case of a 2 wire...

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Guide to Wire and Cable Insulation and Coverings

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Different Thermocouple Types The materials are made according to internationally accepted standards as laid down in IEC 584 1,2 which is based on the international Practical Temperature scale ITS 90. Operating temperature maxima are dependent on the conductor thickness of the thermoelements. The thermocouple types can be subdivided in 2 groups, base metal and rare (noble) metal: -200°C up to 1200°C – These thermocouples use base metals Type K – Chromel-Alumel: The best known and dominant thermocouple belonging to the group chromium-nickel aluminium is type K. Its temperature range is...

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Performance Considerations When Connecting Thermocouples Length of cable runs and loop resistance. The resistivity of extension and compensating cables varies according to the different conductor metals; the limit to cable lengths which can be accommodated by measuring instruments therefore depends on both the thermocouple type and instrument specifications. A general rule for electronic instruments is that up to 100 Ohms loop cable resistance (i.e. total of both legs) will not result in measurement errors. Interference and Isolation. With long runs, the cables may need to be screened and...

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PFA Insulated Twin Twist (IEC) Conductors Jacket Allied Code Code    C Allied Code Image Type Code Conductors Jacket oae    Code Code Code Code

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PFA Thermocouple Cable (ANSI) B

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PTFE Insulated Twin Twist (IEC) Image Type Code Conductors Jacket Allied Code Allied Code Allied Code

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Image Type Code Conductors Jacket Allied Code Allied Code

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PVC Insulated Thermocouple Cable (ANSI) PVC Insulated Flat Pair (ANSI) PVC Insulated & Screened (ANSI)

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Glassfibre Insulated Thermocouple Cable (IEC / ANSI) Glassfibre Insulated with Stainless Steel Overbraid (IEC) Allied Code Allied Code Allied Code Allied Code Allied Code This is just a small selection of Glassfibre Insulated Thermocouple cable offered by RS / Allied

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Allied Code This is just a small selection of PRT cable offered by RS / Allied

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L60 Thermocouple & Fine Wire Welder without the need for argon. The output energy of the L60 Thermocouple Welder can be varied up to 60 Joules. • Simple to use Thermocouple Welder • Designed for the production of commercial grade thermocouple junctions (See below for range of thermocouple cables) • Also suitable for other fine wire work • Front panel or footswitch operation • Argon gas shield facility Supplied complete with the following accessories: The Thermocouple Welder is a compact, simple-to-use instrument designed for thermocouple and fine wire welding. It is primarily designed for...

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